Night in the Woods PS4 Patch Fixes Trophy Issues

September 16, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan

night in the woods ps4

Almost six months after Night in the Woods‘ launch, Infinite Fall has released a patch for PlayStation 4 players that fixes trophy issues plaguing the game. Announcing the news on Twitter, the small development team said that the update also includes “a zillion other tiny fixes” but did not share any patch notes. However, players are reporting that they’re now able to unlock the Platinum trophy, a feat which was apparently impossible to achieve prior to the update.

Co-creator Alec Holowka told fans that he’s still working on polishing the game further and that the latest update doesn’t fix “all the tiny details.” “One of the challenges with Night In The Woods is just how big of a game it is for a small team,” he wrote on Twitter. “There’s a lot of unique instances of content in there. Getting it all up to the same level of polish takes time.”

For those who haven’t played Night in the Woods yet, the critically-acclaimed adventure follows college dropout Mae Borowski who returns home to find that things aren’t quite the same and there’s something in the woods. The game, which is available on PlayStation 4 and PC, focuses on exploration, story, and characters.

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