Destiny 2 Servers Down for Maintenance, Adding Update

September 18, 2017Written by Chandler Wood

Destiny 2 Servers down

Bungie has taken the Destiny 2 servers down for scheduled maintenance this morning. The maintenance is scheduled to start at 7 AM PST and conclude at 11 AM PST. This downtime will also impact the Destiny 1 servers. Starting at 7 AM PST, players will no longer be able to log in to Destiny 2. At 8 AM PST, players will be removed from the game world. Upon logging back in after the servers are live at 11 AM PST, players will be prompted to accept Destiny 2 update

The patch notes for this update will be posted after the update goes live, but last week’s “This Week at Bungie” post hinted that update would “address some known issues, including the removal of harmful imagery from some armor within Destiny 2.” This is referring to the Hunter gauntlets that Bungie made a statement on last week. We’re not sure yet what other fixes this update may bring, but our scored Destiny 2 review does acknowledge there are some minor quality-of-life changes that we’d like to see be resolved in the living game world.

There are some minor quality-of-life things that could be improved in Destiny 2. Having the ability to see an activity’s daily challenges before entering the activity would be nice. The current consumable shader system incentivizes hoarding rare shaders, never actually using them for fear that gear might change or you’ll get a better different shader. In some places, it feels like Bungie is catering to the casual audience and making things a bit to easy for the hardcore players to achieve. The best thing about Destiny 2, though, is that the game will be evolving and changing. The game that I’m reviewing right now will have vast changes and improvements three months, six months, even a year from now. It’s not a static product. It’s a growing world, and wrinkles will smooth out as Bungie gathers data and understands how people play their game.

Were you affected by the downtime this morning (at least it’s morning for those of us in NA)? If you’ve got nothing else to do, check out our Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid guide to see how best to handle Calus’ challenges. Not ready for the Raid? Our Destiny 2 endgame guide covers how to get yourself leveled up after the campaign is over.

[Source: Bungie]