Monster Hunter World Gameplay & World Detailed

September 19, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

Monster Hunter World Gameplay

Capcom has released some brand new Monster Hunter: World gameplay to go along with information regarding the world of Astera, the region in which you make your base of operations in the game.

When the player starts off in Monster Hunter: World, they will be introduced to Astera, a hub of sorts where players can interact with multiple NPCs in order to upgrade their character or take on special missions. Capcom has recently shared some of what hunters can expect to find in Astera over at the PlayStation Blog:

Guild representatives: these are your points of contact for every quest in the game. They’ll give you all the details on every quest, including any special instructions and potential hazards.

Blacksmiths: as you take down foe after foe, you can bring raw materials, such as scales, claws, bones and minerals, to the blacksmiths and they’ll forge new weapons and armor to prepare you for the next hunt.

Shopkeepers: in addition to picking the right weapon and armor set for the job, you’ll also need healing potions, traps and ammo. Talk to these folks on your way out to the field to replenish your toolset.

Cantina: this is arguably the most important spot in Astera. As every good hunter knows, you should never hunt on an empty stomach, so head on over to the cantina and get a delicious meal before every quest to boost your stats!

Research team: we wouldn’t be a “Research Commission” without one, and these fellows play a key role in Monster Hunter: World. As you saw in our latest trailer above, you have a pretty important job ahead of you, and you’ll be working alongside Astera researchers to get it done.

Along with that, the company has also shared a brand new video that goes into detail on just how to hunt monsters, and how players can go about making sure they survive the dangerous worlds of Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter: World is slated to release sometime in 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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