Special Edition Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro Console is Exclusive to Japan

September 20, 2017Written by Chandler Wood

Monster hunter world PS4 Pro Header

Announced alongside the Monster Hunter: World release date at Tokyo Game Show, many wondered if the Monster Hunter: World Custom PS4 Pro would make its way outside of Japan. According to the press release sent be Capcom shortly after the announcement, it appears that the console is a Japan exclusive at this time.

The custom PS4 Pro is called that “Liolaeus Edition,” but English speaking gamers may recognize it by the name “Rathalos Edition.” This custom Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro will launch in Japan on December 7, well before the January 26, 2018 release date for the game. It will include a code for the full game that will unlock at midnight on launch day. It’s a smart move to get the console out ahead of the Holiday season, but still a pretty big disappointment that there’s no way to get the special edition Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro outside of Japan.

Even if you can’t get your hands on one, you can take a look at the amazing colors and design of the Monster Hunter: World Rathalos Edition PS4 Pro and DualShock 4 in these pictures. Maybe if fans make enough noise, Capcom and Sony will consider a Western release.

We got a chance to check out Monster Hunter: World at PAX West this year, and even without the custom PS4 Pro to go along with it, it’s looking like it will be a pretty amazing release when it does come out in January.

After a few minutes of combat, my team had ended up victorious. The Great Jagras had fallen, and we got to collect the spoils of victory before the game kicked me out of the demo. It was a relatively short look at the action since I found the creature early on, and it only lasted about 10 minutes. Regardless, it was enough of a taste after what I saw at E3.

While I wish I got to spend more time with Monster Hunter: World, that one mission was pure excitement. It encapsulated everything I love about the series including the epic fights and teamwork. It also showcased how much better playing World was when compared to its now clunky counterparts, and I’m excited to play a ton more of it when it releases in Q1 2018.

Do you wish the PS4 Pro “Rathalos Edition” was coming West?