PlayStation VR Spin-offs Like Monster of the Deep That Need to Happen

September 22, 2017Written by Cameron Teague

Destiny 2 Sparrow Racing & Other PSVR Spin-off Games We Want

When Square Enix announced Monster of the Deep, a VR game spawned from the fishing in Final Fantasy XV, it received some mixed feedback from the internet on whether there was really a market for this. I tend to think there is, as the Final Fantasy name can carry just about anything to success right now. It actually got me thinking, what other games out there have a feature or mini-game that would work as a standalone VR title. Furthermore, what other games would just work period with a VR release? This culminated in my list of PSVR spin-off games we’d love to see.

Before we get to the list, it’s worth stressing that this list is purely speculation. We have no insider information that any of the experiences detailed below will actually happen. We have a good mix of current, last gen, and some old school games in here, with a wide range of game types represented. Honestly, this list could be 50 games long if we really wanted to. There are just so many games and features over the years that could be turned into a really cool PSVR experience. It was actually fairly hard to narrow it down to the list you see below.

Let us know in the comments if you think our list was spot on, lacking, or if we missed a specific game that you would like to see made. Oh, and when some of these come true, you can just thank me with gifts and money.

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