New Monster Hunter: World Footage Showcases Two New Facilities

September 25, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

Monster Hunter World

Capcom’s final showcasing of Monster Hunter: World at the Tokyo Game Show this year revealed two new facilities on the Coral Highlands map. The facilities, the Ecology Research Station and the Training Area, highlight two distinct areas that players can use to level up their character and learn new abilities.

You can view the full description of both areas below (via Gematsu):

Ecology Research Station

Players have a “Research Level” that increases by gathering traces of monsters, etc. As your Research Level increases, so does your Scoutflies’ abilities, such as guiding you to the next trace with fewer traces. A bestiary is also being prepared, which will fill out as your Research Level increases. The bestiary contains rewarding information such as fleshiness, weak spots, resistances, and what comes out when you destroy body parts.

Training Area

A training-dedicated map where you can thoroughly practice weapon use. In addition to the weapon’s control method and combo explanations, it also displays various other information. There are barrels of various hardness that imitate the fleshiness of monsters, which you can use to check how they can be damaged. You can change your weapon at any time. Ammo-based weapons like the bowgun have unlimited supply.

Watch the special stage event, which features footage of both areas as well as gameplay from the new map in the game, below:

Monster Hunter: World is slated to release sometime in 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.