PSVR Title Megaton Rainfall Delayed Until October

September 26, 2017Written by Elizabeth Henges

megaton rainfall delay

Those that were anxiously awaiting the PlayStation VR superhero sim Megaton Rainfall will have to wait just a little longer. It was announced via the PlayStation EU Twitter that Megaton Rainfall will not release until October 17th. The release date is three weeks later than the originally planned release.

Here is the tweet from PlayStation:

Here’s a little more from the Megaton Rainfall blog:

Hi everyone,

Today we’re delaying our game 3 additional weeks, until October 17th. We underestimated how long would it take to us to go through the all the bureaucracy in this (crowded) time of the year.

I apologise to those of you that have been waiting for this game for years.

Here’s a bit more information on Megaton Rainfall:

In the game you can fly, at supersonic speeds (Richard Donner’s Superman style) around the entire Earth, recreated procedurally, including cities up to 200 square miles that you can cross from end to end at Mach 8 speed, in seconds.

Another remarkable feature is the procedural destruction of the cities. In the game you can’t die in any way, but the city has a health bar, and if you let the aliens destroy too many buildings (or you miss your targets), you’ll leave a trail of collapsed buildings and it will be game over.

Megaton Rainfall will now release October 17 for the PlayStation VR.

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