PlayStation LifeStyle 2017 Holiday Buyer’s Guide – Gaming Accessories

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The holiday season is here, which means it’s time to open up your wallet and buy some awesome presents for your friends and loved ones. We at PlayStation LifeStyle know that it can be difficult to shop for a gamer, which is why we’re here to take out all of the guesswork. We’ve prepared a guide filled with the best games of 2017, that any gamer would be happy to have.

We’ve got categories for various genres, so there should be something for every type of gamer below. Also featured are expansions to some of last year’s best games, and some gaming accessories to help take your game sessions to the next level. We’ve also included links to PlayStation LifeStyle’s review of each title listed, that way you can do some further research if a game tickles your fancy.

Check out our 2017 Holiday gift guide so you can be informed while finishing up your holiday shopping!

PlayStation LifeStyle 2017 Holiday Buyer’s Guide Index:

Below you’ll find our gaming accessory recommendations:

Holiday Guide 2017 - Gaming Accessories

AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus

If you want to step up your capture and streaming game from the console capabilities, look no further than the AVerMedia LGP2+. Our review details the features. 

DualShock 4

Sony has been coming out with some incredible new colors of DualShock 4, including the pictured Crystal version. If someone has a PS4, a new DualShock 4 isn't a bad way to go, and might hint that you want to play some games with them.

Gunnar Computer Glasses

I don't leave home without them (mostly because I don't leave home). Whether working or gaming, Gunnar glasses have reduced headaches and eye strain I get from sitting in front of screens too long. I swear by them, and my bad days are the ones when I don't put them on. 

KontrolFreek Destiny 2 Ghost Thumbsticks

Thumbstick extenders do a couple of things. They can protect the rubber on your thumbsticks, and actually increase sensitivity of movement by making the thumbstick taller. This unique design is from the best selling game of 2017, so why not give them to the gamer in your life?

Plantronics RIG 4VR Headset

If you know someone with PSVR headset, these headphones are just what they need. Narrow ear cups fit over the device easily, and it has a design that looks like it belongs. It can also double as a standard headset, with excellent sound and a great boom mic. Don't miss our review on them.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Headset

It's hard to match the quality/price balance you'll get with a headset like the Turtle Beach Stealth 600. Check out our review for a full rundown, and consider this headset for the gamer that needs an upgrade to their console audio game.

Thanks for checking out PlayStation LifeStyle’s 2017 holiday gift guide. Leave a comment below if you still need help finding the right present, and our community will help out.

If you’re still having any difficulty figuring out what to purchase after reading our Holiday PS4 Buyers Guide, feel free to discuss potential gaming accessory purchases in the comments below!

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