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Traditionally, Call of Duty has been the most high-profile release of the year for nearly a decade. The first-person shooter’s latest entry, Call of Duty: WWII, releases this Friday, and has been crafted by Sledgehammer Games. It’s certainly highly anticipated, but does the Call of Duty name still have the same excitement attached to it after some arguably underwhelming installments?

That’s why the question we posed in this week’s Now Loading was “Are you excited for Call of Duty: WWII?”

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Are you excited for Call of Duty: WWII?

Blake Grundman


I think it was only a matter of time before the inevitable return to WWII, and this seems like as good a time as any to make the move. I am curious to see if the campaign shares the gravitas of the original WWII installments, because I always found those to be amazing immersive experiences. Soaking that in with the newest generation of hardware has some extremely promising potential. 

As for the multiplayer, I know it will be the most-played game of the next year, but I can’t help but feel like I’m over the COD style of run-and-gun insanity. Give me my more deliberately paced Destiny multiplayer any day of the week.

Cameron Teague


I really prefer the Battlefield series myself, and the time I spent in the beta for this didn't do enough to win me over.

Chandler Wood


Heading back to WWII feels like the right move to me. Call of Duty feels like it's been getting faster and more arcadey with jump packs and future tech, so the decision to slow things down a bit and go back to the classics (where Call of Duty started out) is a welcome change of pace. Call of Duty is always about three products--Campaign with epic stories, Multiplayer with insane competitive action, and Zombies for a really fun horde mode full of secrets--so I'm eager to see what Sledgehammer can uniquely do with everything, adding their own unique touch to each and rooting them in one of the biggest and most memorable wars of all time. Plus, it's killing Nazis, and as Wolfenstein 2 proved, you can't go wrong with popping some Nazi top in 2017.

Keri Honea


The game looks absolutely amazing, and I love that it's going back to its WWII roots. But CoD has never been my cup of Darjeeling, so I'll hang back once again from the CoD scene.

Louis Edwards


I was on the fence as far as whether or not I wanted to play Battlefield 1 since it covered a war from years ago, but that turned out to be a decent game with some great storytelling. I know CoD isn't Battlefield, but if they can create intriguing storylines that haven't already been hashed out in other titles, it could be a great game. After being pleasantly surprised with BF1, I am looking forward to CoD:WWII.

Michael Briers


Yeah, absolutely. I likely won't pick it up on day one simply because I have too many other games vying for my attention at the moment, but I'm super interested in WWII and its history. So yeah, intrigued to see how Sledgehammer handle it, especially considering that I quite enjoyed Advanced Warfare and the whole Frank Underwood 2.0.

Paulmichael Contreras


From what I could tell in a meeting with Activision during this year's E3, Sledgehammer Games is attempting to take the setting seriously in single player. So hopefully the campaign will be as impressive of an effort as that war requires to do properly. I don't really play too much of multiplayer unless it's co-op, so the multiplayer might be something I look at every now and then.

Tyler Treese


I'm at a weird position with Call of Duty: WWII. What I played of the multiplayer was extremely off-putting to me. It's not that I disliked how it played (it seems totally fine), but senseless violence in a World War II skin seems simply gross to me now. That said, I'm very interested in seeing what goes on in the single-player. I'm hopeful I can at least enjoy the campaign, where it (hopefully) won't feel like it's minimizing one of history's greatest tragedies by using it as a playground.

Zarmena Khan


I'm excited to see what Sledgehammer have done with the campaign. 1. I really liked their last outing. 2. I really wanted the game to return to its roots. I thoroughly enjoyed Battlefield 1's campaign so if CoD WWII is just as good, I'll pick it up. I look forward to it.

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