11 Highlights From Sony’s 2017 PlayStation Paris Games Week Press Conference

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We weren’t sure what to expect from Paris Games Week this year, as it hasn’t normally been a hotspot for Sony (they didn’t even hold a conference last year), but Sony showed a lot of games during their 2017 PlayStation Paris Games Week press conference. Big hitters like God of War, and The Last of Us 2 were shown among over a dozen new reveals. It was definitely an exciting show.

Some moments stood out more than others, though. While it was a strong conference, not everything was hit out of the park. I wanted to highlight the best moments (including some that may have been overshadowed by the pure volume of announcements), so I made a list of my 11 favorite 2017 PlayStation Paris Games Week press conference highlights. It was hard narrowing it down to just 11 (there were so many good games shown!), but I’m very happy with the final list.

Check out our 11 2017 PlayStation Paris Games Week press conference highlights below:

Highlights From Paris Games Week

Blood & Truth

One of PSVR's early highlights were the heist sections in PlayStation Worlds, and Blood & Truth basically builds that into a full-blown game. That's awesome. I can't wait to see what Sony London can do within virtual reality.

Spelunky 2

One of my favorite "just one more run" games was the original Spelunky, and it played so well that I never even imagined that there'd be a sequel. Much to my surprise Spelunky 2 was announced during the show. I have no clue how it plays, but I'm totally down to see whatever Derek Yu came up with.

More PlayLink

As someone that is really interested in the idea of PlayLink, I was hoping to see some additional games for it unveiled. While there was only one major announcement, Erica looks quite interesting. I can't wait to see if it can live up to its narrative potential.

God of War

God of War has been looking phenomenal as of late, and this trailer solidified that the much needed reinvention was a step in the right direction. I can't believe I'm typing this, but a God of War game, which had previously been a tired franchise, is easily one of my most hyped games of 2018. 

Guacamelee 2

I loved Guacamelee, so naturally the announcement of Guacamelee 2 was right up my alley. Throw in the addition of some fresh ideas (like four-player cooperative play), and I'm totally sold on it.

Aloy in Monster Hunter

I was already excited for Monster Hunter: World, so Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy being playable only sealed the deal. It's such an awesome inclusion, and it really helps set the PS4 apart from the Xbox One and PC ports, which are running on better hardware. These are the smart moves Sony should be making, and it guarantees that I'll get the game for PS4 now.


I freaking love Pilotwings, and while I won't ever get that experience on a Sony console, it seems that Ultrawings will be the next best thing. It looks to be a lot of fun, and I can't wait to fly around the island in VR!

Spider-Man Isn't All Action

Ever since Insomniac unveiled Spider-Man it has looked awesome, but the focus has been primarily on action. Sure, Spidey has always been about action, but the characters are much more than that. This latest trailer showed that the necessary drama will be there, and that left me relieved.


As a PlayStation VR owner that hasn't been blown away by Sony's support (I haven't been disappointed either), it was nice to see virtual reality getting so much love at the show. There were a handful of VR games shown off, and while most aren't internal Sony titles, they all looked interesting. PSVR needs consistent releases, and Sony seems to be getting that from talented indie studios

Arcade Racing is Back

Simulations are certainly awesome, but there's something special about racing like a total madman. ONRUSH will appeal to that (much larger) crowd, and I can't wait to play the latest game from Codemasters.

Shadow of the Colossus Looks Gorgeous

I was really unsure about the idea to remake Shadow of the Colossus. That said, all of my trepidation melted away after I saw the first gorgeous visuals of the remake. It looks phenomenal, and Bluepoint is really showing their development chops.

Thanks for checking out my 11 highlights from the 2017 PlayStation Paris Games Week press conference. If you loved a moment from the show and it didn’t make my list, that doesn’t make it underwhelming. It just didn’t register as highly for myself. Enjoy whatever you like, and enjoy video games!

I’d love to hear about what moments were the highlights of Sony’s press conference for you. Leave a comment below about what your favorite moments were from the 2017 PlayStation Paris Games Week press conference, and let everyone know which games left you impressed!

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