10 PlayStation Paris Games Week Press Conference Disappointments

Tyler Treese

We weren’t sure what to expect from Paris Games Week this year, as it hasn’t normally been a hotspot for Sony (they didn’t even hold a conference last year), but Sony showed a lot of games during their 2017 PlayStation Paris Games Week press conference. Big hitters like God of War, and The Last of Us 2 were shown among over a dozen new reveals. It was definitely an exciting show.

That said, some moments were definitely better than others. While it was a strong conference, not everything was hit out of the park. Since I already highlighted some of the best moments, I’m now going to take a look at 10 disappointments from the Sony PlayStation Paris Games Week 2017 press conference. These moments weren’t necessarily bad, just disappointing and could’ve been better.

Check out my 10  PlayStation Paris Games Week press conference disappointments below:

10 PlayStation Paris Games Week Disappointments

MIA - European Titles

I thought Paris Games Week would be the perfect time to get some update on some highly anticipated European titles that Sony has in the pipeline, but that wasn't the case. Both Media Molecule's Dreams, and Wild Sheep Studio's Wild were nowhere to be seen.

Lack of Context

This was a problem that was in the conference from start to finish. Sony rarely gave any context to the trailers. Some of them spoke for themselves just fine (Spider-Man for example), but games like TsushimaErica, and others really could've used some extra details.

Poor Vita

The Vita isn't often seen at Sony's press conferences, but it at least got some love at E3 in the form of Undertale. That wasn't the case this time, as even sequels to games like Spelunky and Guacamelee ignored the poor handheld.

Detroit Raises Questions, Not Excitement

Even as a fan of Heavy Rain, I know that David Cage hasn't always handled tricky topics well. Thus seeing motion controls during a domestic abuse scene, and then a young child winding up dead, didn't exactly make me more excited to play Detroit. Hopefully the scene will have more significance when played in the proper context, but it has me more worried than anything.

Lack of Gameplay Demos

The press conference felt like one long YouTube playlist, and a lot of games could've benefited by showing some gameplay. For example, I have no clue how Ghost of Tsushima will actually play.

When Are These Games Releasing?

Sony has an awful habit of announcing games way too early, and when I see a game like Ghost of Tsushima announced without even a year attached to it, I can't help but wonder how far out it is. Are these games going to make a meaningful impact within the next year, or are they just being used as press conference filler?

Awkward Format

This isn't a shot at any of the panel (they all did a great job), but instead of actually having a pre-show, Sony had a strange event that was filled with rushed reveals. They tried to fit too much into a short amount of time, and if there's going to be additional announcements why throw them on a "pre-show" and deem them less important? They need to restructure their press conferences in order to avoid confusion. Many who missed the live show didn't go back and watch the pre-show, which meant a lot of the coolest announcements like Spelunky 2 weren't seen.

The Last of Us 2

I can't say that The Last of Us 2 trailer shown at PGW was bad, but it certainly didn't up my excitement any. With little in terms of context, I was just left confused as to why they were showing the scene at all. I didn't care about these characters, and that made it look like senseless violence without much of a point past "the world is in a bad place," which everyone who played The Last of Us already knows.

VR Games Bled Together

A bunch of the PlayStation VR games were shown together back-to-back, and this meant that several of the games didn't get the time to shine on their own merits. This did a real disservice to games like Megalith, that could've really stood out if presented better.

Big Name No Shows

Several huge titles that Sony had previously touted on stage were nowhere to be seen at Paris Games Week 2017. There were no updates on Final Fantasy VIIDeep Down, or Death Stranding. The longer they go without being seen, the more I wonder why they were announced so early in the first place on such major stages.

Thanks for checking out my 10 disappointments from the 2017 PlayStation Paris Games Week press conference. If you loved a moment from the show and it wound up making the list, that doesn’t mean that anyone is wrong. It just didn’t register as highly for myself as it did for you. Enjoy whatever you like, and enjoy video games!

I’d love to hear about what moments were the highlights and disappointments of Sony’s press conference for you. Leave a comment below about what your least favorite moments were from the 2017 PlayStation Paris Games Week press conference, and let everyone know which games left you less than impressed!

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