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Thimbleweed Park trophy Guide

Thimbleweed Park Trophy Guide – How to Get the Difficult Trophies

Not as easy as a Telltale game.

Thimbleweed Park ps4 review 1

Thimbleweed Park Review – More Than a Mansion of Maniacs (PS4)

Classic graphic adventure game styling.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay

Watch More Than 10 Minutes of Star Wars Battlefront 2 Starfighter Assault Gameplay

Are you hyped for space battles yet?

World of Tanks War Stories

World of Tanks: War Stories – Hands to Treads With Single Player Tanks

Entirely free-to-play, the same as the multiplayer game.

Surviving Mars PS4

Surviving Mars Will Let You Colonize the Red Planet in 2018

Adding to the library of console builder games.

Jurassic World Evolution ps4

Jurassic World Evolution Revealed, Create Your Own Jurassic Park in Summer 2018 [Updated]

Wouldn’t be Jurassic World without a dino eating someone.

Dragon Ball FighterZ roster

Dragon Ball FighterZ to Get Over 10 Stages, Unique Character-Specific Voice Lines

More will be revealed as development continues.

LawBreakers Giveaway

LawBreakers Weekend Giveaway – Win the Full Game

Three ways to enter.

World of Tanks Single Player War Stories

World of Tanks Adding Single Player Campaigns To Consoles With War Stories, Includes New Trophies

The demand for narrative content is strong.

Mantis psvr headphones review 1

Mantis PSVR Headphones Hardware Review – Virtual Convenience

Audio solution always on hand.

Agents of Mayhem Tips

Agents of Mayhem Tips to Get You Started

Tip #1: Kick some ass, and look good while doing it.


Agents of Mayhem Review – Find Your Seoul (PS4)

Is there life in this open world?


LawBreakers Review – Newtonian Combat (PS4)

Not your father’s Overwatch.

Yonder audio Design Stephan Schutze Interview

Supporting the Narrative Through Audio Design – Stephan Schutze Interview

An incredible audio designer passionate about bringing game worlds to life.

Lawbreakers PS4 stuttering

LawBreakers PS4 Launch Suffering From Stutters, Frame Drops, and Hitches

Another online game meets issues at launch.

Orcs Must Die Uncahined Review

Orcs Must Die! Unchained Review – Free to Slay (PS4)

Won’t cost you a thing.

Dino frontier Preview 1

Dino Frontier’s Songs Are Hilarious and Catchy, Listen to All of Them Here

A charming Old West soundtrack.


Elite Dangerous Giveaway – Win the Commander Deluxe Edition

Five copies up for grabs!

Bloody Zombies 1

Bloody Zombies Gets a Launch Date, Price, and Pre-Order Discount

Co-op brawling on TV and VR.

GameStop Employees Told Not to Sell New Items

GameStop To Be Open on Thanksgiving This Year

According to GameStop, customers and employees requested it.