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PSLS Live: Dying Light Co-Op Live Stream (Online)

Good night. Good luck.

Cellar Door

Indie Games Showcase: Cellar Door Games

Are you prepared to open the Cellar Door?

Geoff Keighley

Ask PSLS – What is Your Go-To Gaming Food and Drink?

My mouth is watering.

Saints Row IV_ Re-Elected_20150121184301

How to “Gat” the Most Out of Saints Row IV Re-Elected

Johnny Gat would be proud.

Saints Row IV Reelected

Saints Row IV Re-Elected Review – Here We Go Again (PS4)

The ballots are in…


PSLS’ Morning Wood Ep. 099: Elder Scrolls Online PS4 Confirmed


Destinythedarkbelow Header

PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: January 24 & 25, 2014 – Hard Mode Edition


Saints Row IV Reelected

PSLS Live – Saints Row IV Re-Elected Live Stream (Offline)

It’s time for a second term.

PS4 (header)

Ask PSLS – What do You Like Most About Your PS4?

There’s so much to like!


Indie Games Showcase: DrinkBox Studios

Finish your juice!


PSLS’ Morning Wood Ep. 098: A Passion for all Things Gaming

We talk because we care.


PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: January 17 & 18, 2014 – Running Out of Ideas Edition

Another slow week means a lot of backlog.


Ask PSLS – Obscure Games of 2014

Games lost in obscurity.


PSLS’ Morning Wood Ep. 097: Game of the Week and Gaming LifeStyle

Gaming is a lifestyle.


PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: January 10 & 11, 2014 – Another Slow Week Edition

It’s what we call a backlog week.


Ask PSLS – How Much Time do you Spend Gaming?

Not enough? Or way too much?


PSLS’ Morning Wood Ep. 096: Why We Like Destiny

It may not be for some people, but here’s why we love it.


PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: January 3 & 4, 2014 – New Year Edition

Digging into the backlog.


Ask PSLS – What Did You Do While the PSN Was Down?

Played games.

Hand of Fate

Hand of Fate Preview – Draw Your Card

A game of risk/reward.