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Daily Reaction: Is Backwards Compatibility Forward Thinking?

Previous Daily Reactions may or may not be compatible.


The VOTE: Best E3 2015 Toys-to-Life Game

DisneyLanders Dimensions!


The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Review – Long Term Commitment (PS4)

There is a lot of nuance.


PlayStation LifeStyle Best of E3 2015 Awards

We pick the best of the best at this year’s big show.

ADR1FT Header

E3 2015 – ADR1FT Preview: Serenity in Weightlessness

Breathe. Survive.

Skylanders SuperChargers header

E3 2015 – Skylanders SuperChargers Preview: Vehicles in the Skylands

All previous Skylanders figures are compatible.

Just Cause 3 1

E3 2015 – Just Cause 3 Preview: Tools of Destruction

Michael Bay is going to be jealous!


E3 2015 – Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Preview: Flow Change

Two new specialists revealed!


E3 2015 – LEGO Dimensions Hands-On Preview: Redefining Play

A LEGO video game where you can actually end up stepping on your LEGOs!


E3 2015 – The Division Hands-On Preview: Quarantined Potential

And next year’s sequel, The Multiplication.


E3 2015 – Star Wars Battlefront Hands-On Preview: Force Choked

Spoiler alert: He’s Luke’s father!


E3 2015 – Guitar Hero Live Preview: A Playable Music Network

Hundreds of songs available via the GHTV network.


E3 2015 – No Man’s Sky Preview: Exploring a Universe

How will you play?


E3 2015 – No Man’s Sky First Impressions: Creating a Universe

There is an order to the chaos.


The Elder Scrolls Online First Impressions and Review in Progress

Waiting to get the full scope of the experience.

Catch-Up-Header 6.13.15

The Catch-Up: PSLS at E3 2015

Why catch up when we can look forward?

Weekend Gaming 6.13

Weekend Gaming June 13th & 14th: E3 2015 Preparations

What are you playing to prep for E3?


PSLS Live: The Elder Scrolls Online Live Stream (Offline)

Watch as we level up and get into ourselves into high level situations.


The VOTE: Will The Last Guardian be at E3 2015?

Mythical beast or a reality?