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Destiny: Rise of Iron Impressions – Hands-On With the First Mission and New Strikes

Take back the mountain.


Jotun: Valhalla Edition Review – Forever Brave (PS4)

To Odin and beyond.

The Final Station Review 1

The Final Station Review – Train to the Apocalypse (PS4)

Next stop: Ambiguity.

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PSLS Help Desk – Use Your DualShock 4 to Turn on TV

Amazingly simple trick.

Inside Secret Ending 2

This Is a Rant! – Inside Secret Ending Explained

Inside spoilers inside.


Attack on Titan Review – Licensed to Kill (PS4)

AKA: War of the Malformed Naked Man-Babies

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PSLS Help Desk – How to Share Screenshots and Videos On PS4

A little basic functionality that goes a long way.

Inside Secret Ending 2

The Meta Loop – Spoiler Free Analysis of Inside’s Secret Ending

Unplug for a moment.

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PSLS Help Desk – PS4 Safe Mode Options

Careful: Safe Mode has the potential for a complete system wipe.

Destiny rise of Iron 1

Destiny: Rise of Iron Strike Hands-On Preview – Different Paths

The final boss shows the Fallen are experimenting on Hive with SIVA.


Destiny: Rise of Iron Hands-On Impressions – Supremacy Mode Shows a Chaotic Kill Confirmed

Unpredictability and chaos abound.

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PSLS Help Desk – Rebuilding the PS4 Database

A simple way to improve performance.

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PSLS Help Desk – Appearing Offline While Gaming Online on PS4

A simple, yet underestimated, PS4 tip.

Batman The Telltale series ep 1 realm of shadows review 1

Batman The Telltale Series Ep. 1: Realm of Shadows Review – Unmasked (PS4)

Bruce Wayne’s politics meet Batman’s bat… fists…

Headlander Review 1

Headlander Review – Burning Up on Re-Entry (PS4)

Concept lacks cohesion.

Powers season 2 finale review legacy 2

Powers Season Two Finale: Legacy Review – Into the Sun

Stuffed to bursting.

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PSLS Help Desk – How to Share Digital Games on Two PS4s

Have two PS4s? Our guide makes sharing games across them easy.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 3: Descent DLC Review – Descending (PS4)

Half baked good ideas.

10 Second Ninja X review 1

10 Second Ninja X Review – Surmountable Impossibility (PS4/Vita)

You have more than 10 seconds to read this.

Powers Season 2 Review header

Powers Season Two: Ep. 9 Slain Dragons Review – Raining Powers

The return of Dr. Death, and shocking revelations about powers’ biology.