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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Review 4

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review – Grounded in Space (PS4)

Heed the call!


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Campaign Live Stream, Watch Us Play Now (Online)

It is your duty!

Batman telltale series episode 3 review new world order 1

Batman The Telltale Series Ep. 3: New World Order Review – Hostile Takeover (PS4)

Fall of Wayne.

Kings quest chapter 5 the good knight review 1

King’s Quest Chapter 5: The Good Knight Review – Mortality and Life’s Journey (PS4)

Affa Natta my friend. Affa Natta.

Carnival Games VR review 1

Carnival Games VR Review – Step Right Up! (PSVR)

Win a giant stuffed animal!

Help Desk

PSLS Help Desk – Remote Play PS4 on Your PC or Mac

PS4 anywhere, anytime. Computer and internet required.


SportsBar VR Review – Where Everybody Knows Your Name (PSVR)

Rack ’em!


SuperHyperCube Review – Another Hole in the Wall (PSVR)

VR’s Tetris inspired puzzle game.

Rez infinite Review 2

Rez Infinite Review – Return of a Classic (PS4/PSVR)

Beauty in rhythm, rhythm in destruction.

Harmonix music VR review 1

Harmonix Music VR Review – Virtually Lacking (PSVR)

See your music.


RIGS: Mechanized Combat League Review – Mech Immersion (PSVR)

PlayStation VR’s Rocket League.

Help Desk

PSLS Help Desk – PlayStation VR FAQ and Good-to-Knows

Launch day is here.


Rise of the Tomb Raider Review – Charted Territory (PS4)

Another adventure with Miss Croft.

kings quest chapter 4 snow place like home review 3

King’s Quest Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home Review – The Cold Shoulder (PS4)

We give this one an icy reception.

XCOM 2 PS4 Review 1

XCOM 2 Review – Against All Odds (PS4)

It’s time to start a resistance.

Help Desk

PSLS Help Desk – Enable 2-Step Verification on PS4 for Added Security

Don’t ignore security!

Destiny rise of iron review 2

Destiny: Rise of Iron Review – Making Moments (PS4)

Have you fought the machine?

Touhou scarlet curiosity header

Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity Review – Genre Blending (PS4)

Curing boredom one mystery at a time.

batman the telltale series episode 2 children of arkham review 1

Batman The Telltale Series Ep. 2: Children of Arkham Review – Life of Crime (PS4)

Is it possible to make Batman boring?

Help Desk

PSLS Help Desk – Dim the DualShock 4 Light Bar

A simple tutorial.