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The Witcher 3 - 2

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review – Perfect Tapestry (PS4)

Hope you’re ready to settle in for a good long while.


Daily Reaction – Reigniting Destiny’s Fire with House of Wolves

“Look what I have created! I have made fire! I… have made fire!”

Catch-Up5.17.15 header

The Catch-Up: E3 Conferences Dates, No Man’s Sky, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, & More

What surprises will E3 hold?

Weekend Gaming 5.16

Weekend Gaming May 16th & 17th: Waiting for The Witcher

Watching the clock.


The VOTE: Fantasy or Sci-Fi Games?

If you had to choose one…


Daily Reaction: Always Online – The DRM Compromise

Daily Reaction License Verified: Come on in reader!

Weekend Gaming 5.9

Weekend Gaming May 9th & 10th: Reviews and Older Games

Get ready for reviews.


Game of the Month and Must-Plays With Community Votes – April 2015

Mortal Knight Souls Age Bag on the Verge of Bastion Tropico Ziggurat.

Old Blood Header

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Review – Just Short of Grindhouse (PS4)

Kill Nazis. Then kill ‘em again.


Daily Reaction: The Backlog Problem

Games Completed: 257. Games to Play: 13,483.


The VOTE: Kojima and Konami – Conspiracy or Reality?

Is it Moby Dick Studios all over again?


Daily Reaction: What Makes a Perfect Star Wars Game?

Grand Theft X-Wing.


The Catch-Up: Arkham Knight DLC, PS Plus Free Games, Daily Reaction, & More

Season pass outcry, the return of an old feature, and the start of a new one.

Weekend Gaming 5.2

Weekend Gaming May 2nd & 3rd: Odds and Ends

We’re in a bit of a gaming rut at the moment.


PSLS Live: Color Guardians Live Stream (Offline)

The color must be guarded.


The VOTE – Call of Duty Time Period

World War I or World War VII?

Powers 10 1

Powers Season Finale F@#k the Big Chiller Review – F@#k the Conveniences

Still not quite there.


Daily Reaction: Information Leaks – Do They Hurt the Industry?

If Edward Snowden had knowledge about video games…


The Catch-Up: Black Ops 3 Hands-On, House of Wolves, Witcher 3, & More

Don’t forget there’s a contest!

COD Black Ops 3 Header

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Reveal Trailer Confirms Release Date and Pre-Order Beta

Featuring the song “Paint it Black.”