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The Division Beta Preview Header

The Division Beta Preview – Ubisoft’s Destiny (PS4)

I hope you’ve been vaccinated.


World of Tanks Founder’s Packs Giveaway!

A chance to get your premium tanks, time, and more currency here.

Catch Up Division PS Plus Feb16 header

The Catch Up: The Division, PlayStation Plus February 2016 Free Games, & More

Miss anything this week?

The Witness Vote

The VOTE: Are You Playing the Witness and Do You Like It?

Answering this question is far more simple than most of The Witness’ puzzles.

World of tanks review header

World of Tanks Review – Tanks for the Memories (PS4)

Turrets syndrome.

The Witness ending Spoiler Alert Header

Spoiler Alert – The Witness Ending and Secret Credits Room

Shift your perspective.


Quick Tips – The Witness

Mostly spoiler free.

The Catch Up Destiny 2 Kojima Cerny Witness header

The Catch-Up: Destiny 2, Garden Warfare 2, The Witness, & More

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The Witness review header

The Witness Review – New Perspective (PS4)

Are you ready to use your brain?

theVOTE the Division

The VOTE: Still Excited For The Division Despite Its Long Development Time?

Has it deflated your interest or built the hype?


Could Unrevealed DLC Characters Be Planned for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2?

A specific design choice may have showed PopCap’s hand.

Catch Up Division Dark Cloud 2 ps4 header

The Catch-Up: The Division, Dark Cloud 2 PS4, & More

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theVOTE PlayStation VR Price

The VOTE: How Much Would You Pay for PlayStation VR?

The VOTE allows you, the PSLS community, to cast your vote andRead the full article…

World of Tanks Ps4 Header

The Lurking Sophistication of World of Tanks – A Visit to Wargaming Chicago

We talk recording audio, tank destruction, and the voice of the community.

Catch up gaming in 2015

The Catch-Up: Gaming in 2015

Miss anything last year? Here are some of the biggest news bits.

Amplitude Review header

Amplitude Review – Synthesized Rhythm (PS4)

Kickstarted to success?

The Vote Gaming in 2015

The VOTE: Did Gaming in 2015 Meet Your Expectations, and Are You Excited for 2016?

Did the good outweigh the bad, or the other way around?

The Vote playstation Christmas

The VOTE: Are You Giving or Getting PlayStation or Video Games This Holiday?

My answer is a resounding yes. How about yours?

Twisted metal black pS4

Twisted Metal: Black PS4 – PS2 on PS4 Revisited

You wished for PS4 backwards compatibility? This is Calypso granting it for you.

playstation news recap header 12.20.15

The Catch-Up: Hideo Kojima and Sony, PSX 2015, & More

The Catch-Up is back!