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Game of the Month With Community Votes – August 2015

You won’t get actual sunlight until dawn.


Destiny Update 2.0 Has Me Hooked Again

So many great changes.


The VOTE: Which PlayStation Console Did You Own First?

Did you start at the very beginning? It’s a very good place to start.

Destiny The Taken King Crucible video Header

Destiny: The Taken King Crucible Video Blowout – New Mode, New Maps, and Mercy Rule

It’s hammer time!

Destiny The Taken King Crucible preview 1

Destiny: The Taken King Crucible Hands-On Preview – The Spark Is Charged

Try backwards dunking the spark. It looks cool AND nets you bonus points!

Laura Bailey Header

A Chat With Laura Bailey – The Most Cast Female Voice Actor in Video Games Last Year

The voice behind Fetch from inFAMOUS Second Son and inFAMOUS First Light, as well as Fiona in Telltale’s Tales From the Borderlands. Over 30 video game projects in 2014!

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The Catch-Up: Uncharted 4 DLC, Deus Ex Pre-Order Tiers, & More

Some news generating some polarizing opinions!


The VOTE: Do You Pre-Order Games?

Is it worth it anymore?

tearaway unfolded screens (25) header

Tearaway Unfolded Review – Papercrafted Love (PS4)

It’s basically an entirely new game.

Weekend Gaming 8.29

Weekend Gaming: Waiting for a Snake

V has come to.

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The Catch-Up: PSLS Shirts, Metal Gear Solid V, PS Plus Free Games & More

Let us know what PSLS shirt designs you want to see!


The VOTE: Best Metal Gear Solid Game?

Last week’s results may surprise you.


Spoiler Alert – Until Dawn Endings and Post-Credits Scene

This is a safe place to discuss spoilers about Until Dawn.


Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Review – There’s Hope (Vita)

Let’s get to killing some Monokumas!


Until Dawn Review – Dead Butterflies (PS4)

This butterfly doesn’t make any hurricanes. It’s more like a blustery day.

The Industry 14

The Industry: Issue #14 – The Things We Love to Hate (Webcomic)

…and the things we hate to love.

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The Catch-Up: Black Ops 3 Beta, Destiny The Taken King, PS4 Update 3.00 & More

A couple big info dumps this week.

Weekend Gaming 8.22

Weekend Gaming Aug 22nd & 23rd: Black Ops 3 Beta, Reviews

Are you having a good Black Ops 3 beta experience? Or a laggy one?


Daily Reaction: PS4 Update 3.00 – Improvements the Console Deserves

Please be folders, please be folders…

Tales from the Borderlands Review Header

Tales From the Borderlands Ep. 4: Escape Plan Bravo Review – High Stakes (PS4)

Is Telltale crafting their best work yet?