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Weekend Gaming 6.13

Weekend Gaming June 13th & 14th: E3 2015 Preparations

What are you playing to prep for E3?


PSLS Live: The Elder Scrolls Online Live Stream (Offline)

Watch as we level up and get into ourselves into high level situations.


The VOTE: Will The Last Guardian be at E3 2015?

Mythical beast or a reality?


Daily Reaction: Games, by Gamers, for Gamers

We’re all gamers!


The Elder Scrolls Online Facing Release Day Overload, Server Timeouts

Bethesda is aware of the issues and working on a solution.

Game-of-the-month-header May15

Game of the Month and Must-Plays With Community Votes – May 2015

Witcher Roundabout Magicka Blood of Wolves.

Catch-Up-6.7.15 Header

The Catch-Up: Fallout 4, Nathan Drake Collection, E3 Leaks, & More

What news did you miss?

Weekend Gaming 6.6

Weekend Gaming June 6th & 7th: Is it E3 Yet?

Next weekend will be Elder Scrolls.


Daily Reaction’s Countdown to E3 2015: Tips on How to Spend the Next 10 Days

It’s going to be a long 10 days.


The VOTE: The Witcher 3 or Dragon Age Inquisition?

Choosing between the better of two greats!


Daily Reaction: The Strategy Behind Having E3 Press Conferences

What if Sony had #girlwood?


The Escapists Review – Prison Life (PS4)

Simulating prison life, one boring routine and punch-happy inmate at a time.


The Catch-Up: PS Plus Games for June, Future of Evolve, Public at E3, & More

Miss anything this last week?

weekend gaming5.30.15

Weekend Gaming May 30th & 31st: More Monster Hunting, More Space Travel

Are you still playing The Witcher 3?


The VOTE: Who Will Win E3 2015 – Microsoft or Sony?

It will be a hard fought fight.


Destiny – House of Wolves Review – The Trials of Bungie (PS4)

The jury has reached a verdict, your honor.


Daily Reaction: Unfair Bullying of Developers Over Game Updates

Think of it as that extra layer of polish and support.

Catch-Up-5.24 Header

The Catch-Up: Sony E3 Experience, Witcher 3 Released, Tales From the Borderlands, & More

E3 is getting ever closer!


Weekend Gaming May 23rd & 24th: The Witcher 3 and House of Wolves

Is anybody really wondering what we’re playing?


Daily Reaction: Evaluating The Witcher 3’s Graphical Downgrade

Optimization is the key difference.