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New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Weapon Variants “Coming Soon” to PS4

Due to hardware limitations, they won’t be on PS3.


Destiny Saw More Players on May 19 Than at Christmas, Trials of Osiris Event is Live

Skolas has been captured almost 900,000 times.


Dungeon Travelers 2 PS Vita Trailer Details the Basic Classes, Mature ESRB Rating Explained

Pre-order for a pin-up calendar.


Tropico 5 Espionage Expansion is Coming to PS4, Includes All New Campaign

Protect Tropico’s precious treasures from foreign agents.


The Witcher 3 Update on PS4 & Xbox One Isn’t Coming This Week, PS4 Frame-Rate & Save File Fixes in the Works

Can’t access your save file due to an issue with the free DLC? Try removing it and downloading it again.


Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Finally Comes to Europe Next Month on PS4 & PS3

Check out two videos.


F1 2015 Release Date Delayed to July 2015, Teaser Trailer Revealed

The delay is about a month.


Ultra Street Fighter IV On PS4 Gets a Launch Trailer, Will Support PS3 FightSticks

Input lag is eliminated.


Ghost Games Talks Need for Speed Reboot: AllDrive is Back, Cops Won’t Be Other Players & More

Leaving behind the PS3 and Xbox 360 gives them focus.


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Videos Preview the New Dungeons & Job Actions

Watch the full Dragonsong theme, composed by Nobuo Uematsu.


Bloodborne Update 1.04 Releasing on Monday, May 25

Should include improvements to better the play experience.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Generation PS Vita Release Date Confirmed

Get it this Summer in North America and Europe.


Game of Thrones Episode 4: Sons of Winter Gets a Trailer, Launches Next Week

Prepare for the Sons of Winter.


The Witcher 3 Developers Talk Graphics Downgrade, Game Wouldn’t Exist “As It Is” Without Console Versions

“We just cannot afford it” without PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.


Be The Batman in New Batman: Arkham Knight Live Action Trailer

Watch ordinary people rise to become the Batman.


Need for Speed Reboot Announced, Launches in Fall 2015 On PS4, Xbox One & PC

It will deliver “what the fans want.”


The Witcher 3 Update on PS4 & Xbox One is Coming “Very Soon,” Changes Discussed

600 fixes were included in the day one patch on PS4.


Hellraid Development Put On Hold, Techland Now Focusing On Expanding the Dying Light Franchise

Hellraid was scheduled to release this year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


PlayStation E3 Experience Returns to Theaters This Year, New Video Showcases Big Upcoming PS4 Games

The free tickets go live next week.


Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity Expansion Contents Detailed, June 2015 Release Window Confirmed

New Bounty Hunter game mode included.