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Editor’s Letter: Awarding The PSLS Awards

Get your predictions on.

Daily Reaction: A Friday the 13th Spectacular

It’s a mad world.

Daily Reaction: Getting an NSA Killstreak

Everyone that reads this gets on a database.


Now with more X2C.

No Man’s Sky: Exploration, Land Battles & Classic Sci-Fi in an Indie Title

Somewhere, there’s secretly 50 developers working on this.

Tiny Brains PS4: PSLS Double Livestream, Twitch and Ustream

The future, now.

Daily Random: LEGO Shu, ‘nuff Said.

Sorry, we’re busy playing Xbox One.

Best Buy: PS4 “Pretty Much” Sold Out in North America, New Inventory Next Week

Best Buy has essentially sold out of all of its PlayStation 4 inventory in North America,the company has announced.

TowerFall Ascension Announced for PlayStation 4

See, we don’t need Titanfall.

Uncharted PS4 Officially Announced, Teased

Oh baby.

Daily Reaction: The End of the PS3 Era.

Goodbye PSWii60, hello Bone4U.

Bad Gamers: Ep 52 – Moby Dick Vs. The PS4

Lol, he said moby.