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New Time and Eternity Trailer Slashes In

It’s Japanese, so no girls have small.. well you know…


Ubisoft Hacks In, New Screenshots of Watch Dogs Released

Hackers of the world unite!

BRS Review 1

Black Rock Shooter The Game Review (PSP)

It doesn’t rock.


EA Sports and NHL 14 Need Your Vote

Put away your sticks and cast your vote.

draw slasher

Draw Slasher for Vita Draws Up a New Trailer

One, Two, Three, DRAW!

Naruto 3 Review

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Review (PS3)

It’s my Ninja Way!


MLB 13: The Show Review (PS3 & PS Vita)

It’s going, going, GONE!

ni no kuni review

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Review (PS3)

Get ready for a beautiful and magical adventure


Best Vita Game of 2012 Award

There were many good Vita games, but only one defied the laws of gravity and provided one hell of a rush.

Guardians of Middle-Earth Review

Guardians of Middle-Earth Review (PS3)

Ready your Guardian for War!

Ragnarok Tactics Review

Ragnarok Tactics Review (PSP)

It’s a PSV.. oh wait, PSP game!

ZOE Collection Review

Zone of the Enders HD Collection Review (PS3)

Hands down the fastest and most addicting mech combat ever.

When Vikings Attack Review

When Vikings Attack Review (Vita/PS3)

Pick up a car and get ready to take down some Vikings

Ragnarok Odyssey review

Ragnarok Odyssey Review (Vita)

I have a mission for you: pick up this game.

killzone hd review

Killzone HD Review (PS3)

The Helghast have invaded and brought with them a bad HD makeover.


Orgarhythm Review (Vita)

Tap, tap, tap to the beat.


Mugen Souls Review (PS3)

There are better games with Souls in the title.


FIFA 13 Review (PS3)

Now with Move support!


NHL 13 Review (PS3)

Cold as Ice. Hockey.


Legasista Review (PSN)

Good times JRPGing.