The VOTE: inFAMOUS Hero – Cole Macgrath or Delsin Rowe?

A battle of the conduits!


The VOTE: Mortal Kombat! Scorpion or Sub-Zero?



The VOTE: Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter?

Will it be a fatality or a KO?


Game of the Month and Must-Plays With Community Votes – March 2015

Hotline Born of Handsome Olli Night Revelations Type-Hell.


The VOTE: Favorite Gaming April Fools’ Prank Ever?

EGM had some great ones in their day!


The VOTE: Do You Prefer Narrative or Challenge in Games?

You have died. Again.


The VOTE: Evolving Franchises or New IPs and Spiritual Successors?

Make better the familiar or venture into uncharted territory?


The VOTE: Western RPGs or JRPGs?

Nord beards or anime hair?


PAX East 2015 Cosplay Gallery

Kratos, Minecraftmau5, Disney Princesses, and much more.

Weekend Gaming 3.7.15

Weekend Gaming March 7th & 8th: Dragon Quest Heroes, Valiant Hearts, and Transistor

New Plus games are now live!

Must Play Feb15 Header

Game of the Month and Must-Plays with Community Vote – February 2015

Dead Apotheon in Order to Evolve Xenoverse Fate Warriors.


The VOTE: Project Morpheus Supported Games or Games Designed for VR?

Which option would you prefer?

Weekend Gaming 2.28.15

Weekend Gaming Feb. 28 & March 1: Helldivers, DmC, and The Order: 1886

Spring fever has begun!


The Vote: Original Devil May Cry Dante or New DmC Dante?

Let the debates begin!


Weekend Gaming Feb. 21 & 22: The Order: 1886, Dying Light, and Vita

Is it going to be a weekend with Sir Galahad?

Weekend Gaming 2.14.15

Weekend Gaming Feb. 14 & 15: Evolve, New 3DS, and Waiting on The Order

It’s the PlayList reinvented!


Ask PSLS – What is Bethesda Planning for Its E3 Conference?

The Fallout of Evil Doom Within Wolfenstein Scrolls.

Collector's Edition Mortal Kombat

Ask PSLS – Special and Collector’s Editions

Buy the Collector’s Edition of this article to get a chintzy keychain!

Geoff Keighley

Ask PSLS – What is Your Go-To Gaming Food and Drink?

My mouth is watering.

PS4 (header)

Ask PSLS – What do You Like Most About Your PS4?

There’s so much to like!