Daily Reaction

Broken DualShock

Daily Reaction: The Pros and Cons of App Based Extended Content

There’s probably an app for that.


Daily Reaction: The Strategy Behind Having E3 Press Conferences

What if Sony had #girlwood?

DR Spy

Daily Reaction: The Difficulties in Keeping an Embargo

For your eyes only.


Daily Reaction: Unfair Bullying of Developers Over Game Updates

Think of it as that extra layer of polish and support.


Daily Reaction: Tempering E3 Expectations

Rule #1: Check your sources.


Daily Reaction: Evaluating The Witcher 3’s Graphical Downgrade

Optimization is the key difference.

DR Dynamic story

Daily Reaction: The Adventures of Dynamic & Static Storytelling

But choose wisely…


Daily Reaction – Reigniting Destiny’s Fire with House of Wolves

“Look what I have created! I have made fire! I… have made fire!”

DR Busted

Daily Reaction: Why Microsoft Has the Right to Brick Consoles

Don’t start none…


Daily Reaction: Always Online – The DRM Compromise

Daily Reaction License Verified: Come on in reader!

Playing the Clock

Daily Reaction: The Value of Gaming – How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Playing the clock.


Daily Reaction: The Backlog Problem

Games Completed: 257. Games to Play: 13,483.


Daily Reaction: Narrative Vs. Experience – How Are The Best Stories Told?

Once upon a time…


Daily Reaction: What Makes a Perfect Star Wars Game?

Grand Theft X-Wing.

BG Powers

Daily Reaction: Has PlayStation’s Powers TV Show Failed?

Where did it go wrong?


Daily Reaction: Information Leaks – Do They Hurt the Industry?

If Edward Snowden had knowledge about video games…

Daily Reaction Remastered

Daily Reaction: HD Remastered Edition – Does Recycled Content Hurt the Industry?

Not all remakes are bad.

BG 62

Bad Gamers: Ep 62 – Games, New Beginnings and Things to Come

Something new, something old and something borrowed.

Solid Kaz

Bad Gamers: Ep 61 – MGSV: Ground Zeroes, Live Streaming and Next-Gen Console Sales

Kaz? KAZ?!


Bad Gamers: Ep 60 – Xbox Adverts, PlayStation Now and The End of Daily Reaction.

Now what?