Daily Reaction


Bad Gamers: Ep 52 – Moby Dick Vs. The PS4

Lol, he said moby.

Hold me Stephen

Daily Reaction: Potential Microsoft CEO Considers Xbox Sell Off

Microsoft’s Exbox.


Daily Reaction: Dealing With Internet Bullying in the Games Industry

Dealt With it.

Monkey No Like

Daily Reaction Asks: Why Are Review Scores so Important?

Help us Sum-Wan, you are our only hope.


Daily Random: Call of Duty Ghostbusters

Now with 100% more Bill Murray.

Tymon Techland

Techland’s Tymon Smektala Asks Daily Reaction: Do You Prefer Fast Zombies, or Slow Ones?

We prefer the Thriller zombie.

Contrast AskDR

Guillaume Provost Asks Daily Reaction: What Does the Future Hold for Indie Games Coverage?

Will you be the death of us?


Mike Bithell Asks Daily Reaction: How Much do you Care About User Generated Content?

Go create your own post – no, wait don’t.

Jonathan Blow Milked

Jonathan Blow Asks Daily Reaction: Don’t You Get Tired of Playing Games That are the Same?

Spoiler – yup.

Penis Weather

Bad Gamers: Ep 50 – Playing Sony’s Games, Taking Opiates, Breaking More Bones

Living the High life.


Bad Gamers: Ep 49 – A Broken Staff

That which does not kill us, really hurts.