Top 5 Reasons Why PlayStation Games Might Want The Nintendo Switch Featured

Top 5 Reasons Why PlayStation Gamers Might Want a Nintendo Switch

Yep, there are those buying it.


Charting the Evolution of Guerrilla Games

From Big Brother to one of Sony’s most beloved developers.


10 Games That Would Make Good Movies (No, Seriously)

These games could make for an amazing film.


Guerrilla Games Talks Horizon Zero Dawn – Mystery and Discovery

From conceptualization to reality!


Mass Effect Andromeda Preview – New Beginnings (PS4)

Find your path…


10 Series That Need a Musou Spin-Off

Which musou spin-off would you like to see?

Top 5 Things to Do in Horizon Zero Dawn Featured

Top 5 Things to Do in Horizon Zero Dawn (No Spoilers)

Try these once you get the game!


Buying Games Day One Is No Longer the Tempting Proposition It Once Was

Because a broken or half-baked product at launch is no fun for anyone.


6 Vita Games That Made Me Cry

It feels like I’ve seen them somewhere before though. Or that some aren’t even…real?


Horizon Zero Dawn Preview – Focused Aggression (PS4)

Beautiful contrasts.

Prey Hands-On Preview – GLOO Your Enemies (PS4)

The GLOO cannon is promising.

Top 5 Things We Want to See From Destiny 2 Featured

Top 5 Things We Want to See in Destiny 2

Did we miss anything, Guardian?


The 10 Best Video Game Couples

Does your OTP make the list?

Ratchet and Clank 04 555x328

Insomniac Games Talks Ratchet & Clank – Movie, Sequel and Remasters

Insomniac at their finest!


6 Titles We Want From Marvel and Square Enix’s Multi-Game Partnership

From the Sorcerer Supreme to the all-powerful Carol Danvers.

Top 5 PS4 Update 4.50 Features We Can't Wait to Try Featured

Top 5 PS4 Update 4.50 Features We Can’t Wait to Try

Top spot might be super obvious…

Sniper Elite 4 10

Rebellion Talks Sniper Elite 4 – Criticisms, Headshots & Improvements

Testicles are mentioned…and yes, we’re serious.

PlayStation VR Wanted Games Feature

Games, Franchises, and Experiences We Want in VR

Immerse yourself.

Top 5 Things We Want to See in the Next PS4 Update Featured

Top 5 Things We Want to See in the Next Major PS4 Update

Some obvious ones listed.


10 Reasons Why I Miss the PSP Go

*sniffle* Poor little guy. Never got to fully shine.