Child of Light – Podcast of Love for a Fantastic RPG

So much to love about this game.


inFAMOUS: What Next for Sony and Sucker Punch’s Superhero Franchise?

Does the franchise’s future lie with Sucker Punch, or without?

Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary

Dragon Quest’s On and Off History With PlayStation

Long live Dragon Warrior!


7 Best inFAMOUS Moments in Sucker Punch’s Franchise

“Right or wrong, it’s my life and I choose how to live it.”

Exclusive, never-before-seen screen!

Lince Works Talks Aragami With PSLS – Inspiration, Failed Kickstarter Campaign & More

Game development in Spain and how it is working with Sony, too!


10 PS4 Sequels That Could Fulfill Untapped Potential

Knack 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Overwatch Beginner’s Guide

We tell you which heroes are best to start out with!

Games With Tacked on Multiplayer That's Actually Good Header

Games With Tacked on Multiplayer That’s Actually Good

It’s not always bad.

Top 5 Call of Duty Changes Featured

Top 5 Call of Duty Changes That Need to Happen

Yes, we want full-on dedicated servers!

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PSLS Talks Alienation and Development With Housemarque

We asked, they answered.

Best M Rated Games on PlayStation 4 Header

Best M Rated Games on PlayStation 4

Rated M for Mature.


Doom: The Road So Far

From identity crisis to blistering reboot.

Tacked on multiplayer

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Trophy Guide

Welcome to the Trophy Guide for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End onRead the full article…


10 PlayStation Games Like Monster Hunter

Knockoffs can be fun too!

E3 2006 Sony

How Sony’s E3 2006 Changed Gaming History

It’s Ridge Racer! Riiiidge Racer!

Top 5 Uncharted Easter Eggs Header

Top 5 Uncharted Easter Eggs

Go crack these eggs open!

Uncharted 4 header 555 x 328

Uncharted 4: The Road So Far

One last time? One last time.

Severed 555x328

DrinkBox Studios Severed Interview – Post Launch Support, Vita Strengths, and VR

What does the future hold for DrinkBox?


Cancelled PlayStation Games We’re Heartbroken About

We’re still sad we never got to play these games!