Now Loading Days Gone Delay

Now Loading: Thoughts on the Days Gone Delay?

Who will survive in America?

new star wars games

Five Studios Other Than DICE That Should Handle Star Wars for Disney

Who’s capable of wielding the key to a galaxy far, far away?

The ESRB’s Labeling of ‘In-Game Purchases’ Does Nothing to Solve the Loot Box Problem

Labeling games with in-game purchases is like alerting players when games are interactive.

Best Video Game Pigs

10 Best Video Game Pigs

We’re celebrating National Pig Day!

What Dropping PS3/Vita Games Means for the PlayStation Plus Instant Games Collection

Cleaning up the clutter of mediocre games.

Dandara Manages to Build an Identity Through Music

Thommaz Kauffmann talks about his unique approach to music.

blasters of the universe tips

10 Tips to Be Successful in Blasters of the Universe

These will help you get a high score!

Loot Boxes

Gaming’s Complicated, Troublesome Relationship with the Giant Publishers That Demand Our Money

A lower price isn’t always best for consumers. Here’s why.

20 Years Later: The Legacy of Tenchu Stealth Assassins

20 Years Later: The Continuing Legacy of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Taking a look at its legacy.

Most Anticipated March New Games in 2018

Now Loading: What March Release Are You Most Anticipating?

It’ll be an exciting month.

dead space 3 retrospective

Revisiting Dead Space 3, the Final Chapter in Visceral’s Space Oddity

Isaac’s story reached its end with an action-packed but no less enjoyable finale.

The Argument Against Health Bars: Why It Makes You A Better Monster Hunter

It’s an opportunity to think more strategically, not just about the numbers.

Celeste Mental Illness

Climbing Celeste’s Mountain of Anxiety and Depression

Matt Thorson’s latest title provides some invaluable insight for those struggling with mental illness.

blasters of the universe psvr

Blasters of the Universe Interview: Bringing Bullet Hell to Virtual Reality

We talked to the Emmy-award winning Secret Location about their upcoming PSVR title.

Editor’s Letter – Goodbye Mobile Redirects, Thanks to Our Readers

You should now have a clean browsing experience on your mobile device.

The Station Giveaway – Win One of 20 Copies of the Sci-Fi Adventure (NA & EU Codes)

Finally giving our EU readers a chance to win!

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT season pass

Final Fantasy Characters We Want Added in the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Season Pass

Six new characters are coming soon. These are the ones we most want.

next metal gear game

Now Loading: What Would You Do Next for Metal Gear?

Where should the series go?

Richard La Ruina interview

Richard La Ruina Interview: Seduction Guru Talks Super Seducer, Video Games, and More

“I wanted to make something that was fun, but would also help people in the real world.”

metal gear survive ps4

Metal Gear Survive Heralds a Bold, If Risky New Venture For the Venerable Series

It’s Metal Gear, Jim, but not as we know it.