15 PSP Remakes We Want to See on the PS4 and Vita

PSP Games we want to see remastered on the PS4 and/or Vita!

Worst Thumb 555

Top 5 Worst PlayStation Games

Prepare for crap!


Why Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is Current-Gen Exclusive (The Real Reason)

It’s not Tabata’s eyes.


Will Current Events, Social Climate Hurt Battlefield Hardline?

Damaged brand, country in unrest.


The Resurrection of Local Multiplayer

Couch co-op is striking back.


Mortal Kombat X Interview With Senior Producer Adam Urbano – The Roster, DLC and Creating Fatalities

Johnny Cage isn’t the only familiar face.


PlayStation Now – Expectation vs. Reality

Baby steps toward a revolution.


Inherent Vice: Games Journalism Can’t Help Its Biggest Problem

He’s back, banging that old drum again.


Top 5 PlayStation Franchises

Based on review average and sales per entry.


Square Enix Gives PS Vita The Finger… Again

“Hey gamers! Tell us what we want to hear!”


Share Play is the PS4’s Best Feature and Nobody is Talking About It

Bringing couch co-op online.

Naoki Yoshida Interview

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Interview With Naoki Yoshida – Airships, Snowboarding and Crafting

Almost a new game entirely.


Indie Games Showcase: Red Phantom Games

Spend a few Minutes with the one-man operation behind Red Phantom Games.


PAX East 2015 Cosplay Gallery

Kratos, Minecraftmau5, Disney Princesses, and much more.

PS2 Header

The PlayStation 2: A Trip Down RPG Lane

I wanted Persona 4, but Erren stole it!


Indie Games Showcase: Team KAIZEN

The indie studio ready to Burst! onto the scene.

Defiant Development

Indie Games Spotlight: Defiant Development

Defiant, rising from the ashes of the economic crisis.

PS2 Piece2

PS2 Turns 15: The Best Games Ever Released for the Iconic Console

Happy 15th birthday, PS2!

Supergiant-games (1)

Indie Games Showcase: Supergiant Games

Meet the team behind two of the industry’s indie darlings.


Why PS3 Dragon Quest Heroes Outsold PS4 Version

Graphics and frame rate can’t compete with affordability.