Holiday Gift Guide Featured

PlayStation LifeStyle 2016 Holiday Buyer’s Guide – PS4, Vita, Accessories and More

Time for presents!

ps4 features

10 Reasons for PS4 Owners to Be Thankful

Why are you thankful?


Short PS4 Games Worth Playing

Because video games are often way too long.

Top 5 Call of Duty Game Ideas We Want to See Realized Featured

Top 5 Call of Duty Game Ideas We Want to See Realized

Medieval warfare? Yep, that and more.

Not Finishing Games

Why We Are Not Finishing Video Games

Are you good about finishing games or is your backlog out of control?

Top 5 PS4 Pro Enhanced Games Featured

Top 5 PS4 Pro Enhanced Games

So pretty, so shiny!


Ranking the Assassin’s Creed Series

Which is the best?


PlayStation Move Games That Are Actually Worth Playing

No, really. There were some good ones.

Order Will Be Restored

4 Ways Symmetra Could Kick More Ass in Overwatch

Order will be restored. Death is an illusion. Pass into the iris or…no, I messed that up.


PlayStation Store 10th Anniversary – Do You Remember Back Then?

What were you doing back then in 2006?

Tekken 7 555x328 08

Tekken 7 Interview With Katsuhiro Harada – Console Content, DLC and More

“Has there ever been an installment in which we never including anything extra for the console release?”


A Short Length Doesn’t Mean a Game Is Too Short

Being short isn’t a negative in of itself.


Buyer’s Guide – What 4K TV to Buy for PS4 Pro

So you want a new 4K HDR TV…

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Titanfall 2 Featured

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Titanfall 2

Yes, it’s that damn good.


Best Video Game Presidents

You can write-in these characters.


How Should Remastered Games Be Priced?

Are they overpriced?

Titanfall 2 03 555x328

Titanfall 2’s Multiplayer DLC Model Is One Worth Supporting

Start supporting games that care about players.


Titanfall 2 Interview With Respawn – Prepare for Titanfall

We ask Respawn about Titanfall 2’s release window, DLC plans, and competing with Battlefield 1 & Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Top 5 Upcoming Horror Games Featured

Top 5 Upcoming Horror Games

Scare you good!