Should you buy destiny 2

Now Loading: Have Betas Sold You on a Game?

Do they backfire more often than not?

The Round-Up

The Round-Up – PlayStation News Recap (July 17–23)

We’ve got a new format.

PSN Flash Sale

10 Games to Get in the July 2017 PSN Flash Sale

There are some great games on sale!


10 Games to Pick Up During the PlayStation Store Summer Sale

It’s time to experience greatness.

Destiny 2 ghaul 1

Ghaul is the Villain Destiny Has Always Needed

You’ve forgotten the fear of death.


Like It or Not, Emojis Are the Future of Game Reviews

Who needs criticism?


Celebrating 30 Years of Tactical Espionage Action: A Metal Gear Retrospective

We celebrate 30 years of Konami’s amazing stealth action series.


Ranking the Final Fantasy Games

Which is the best Final Fantasy game?

Top 5 Xbox One X Features We Want the PS4 Pro to Implement

Top 5 Xbox One X Features We Want the PS4 to Implement

Not even joking.

Q3 2017 00

Confirmed PS4 Games Out in Q3 2017

Calm before the storm…


Crash Bandicoot Retrospective: 20+ Years of Spinning

Read on to know everything about the former face of PlayStation.

Top 5 Uncharted Spin-Offs Featured

Top 5 Uncharted Spin Offs We Want to See (No Spoilers)

Let’s hope one of these actually become reality.

Best of E3 2017

PlayStation LifeStyle Best of E3 2017 Awards

Which games do you think won?

Top 5 DualShock 4 Controller Accessories Featured

Top 5 PS4 Controller Mods That Won’t Make You a Cheater

No cheating!

Xbox One X_0007_Layer 3

I Don’t Understand the Xbox One X and Microsoft

Are you on the same boat?

PlayStation E3 02

10 Disappointments From Sony’s E3 2017 Press Conference

Not everything was great about the show.

PlayStation E3 03

E3 2017 – Staff Picks on What Games Impressed Us the Most

Top three of each staff member.

Top 5 E3 2017 Moments Featured

Top 5 Best E3 2017 Moments

The best of the best!

Editor's Letter 555x328

Editor’s Letter – E3 2017 Cometh and PlayStation LifeStyle Coverage

Are you ready?