Lickable Boobs: PlayStation JapanStyle January 2013

If animated bouncing breasts upset you, you might want to avoid this month’s column.

Wake-up club header

A Closer Look at the Vita’s Free Competitive Social Alarm Clock App ‘Wake-up Club’, Coming Out Next Week

I challenge you to wake-up before me; I glide like a lizard on ice.

gorgeous dante

Capcom Releases Gorgeous CG Trailer for DmC: Devil May Cry

Look deeply into Dante’s eyes, you want to like him in all his “ultimate cool guy” charm.

kingdom hearts header

New Details, and 25 Sub-par Screenshots Released for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix

To import, or not to import? That is the self-serving question at hand.


Zeno Clash 2 Confirmed for Release This Spring

New screenshots inside.


New GTA V Screens Show Sharks, Mini-subs, More

Grand Theft Submarine


Irrational Games Teases First Few Minutes of BioShock Infinite, See it Here

This is what they should have shown at the VGAs.

Joust header

3 Days Left, $60,000 to go – J.S Joust and Friends Need Your Help

Some of what are said to be the best local multiplayer indie games ever are doomed to failure without your help.

PS Plus Ad Header

Sony Advertises EU PlayStation Plus with a Slick But Poorly Choreographed Trailer

If I didn’t already have like…3 years of PS+ paid for, this trailer would leave me awfully tempted.


Watch an Incredibly Short The Last of Us Teaser Trailer Teasing a The Last of Us Trailer

Oh you tease.