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emotional game awards

Inaugural “Emotional Games Awards” to Take Place Early Next Year

Jury consists of Ubisoft and Rockstar devs.


PSX 2015: World of Tanks PS4 Preview – Complex Simplicity

Sometimes the simplest of ideas evoke the most complex results.


PSX 2015: XING: The Land Beyond Hands-On Preview – A Puzzling Afterlife

The art is beautiful to see, and story is told in poetry.


The Game Awards 2015 Saw 2.3 Million Livestreams, Keighley Confident in 2016 Edition

He wants a shorter run time next year and more on-stage awards.


PSX 2015: Chasm Hands-On Preview – ‘Vania Mania

More Castlevania than Metroid.


The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 09 – PSX 2015 and FFVII: What Have They Done to You?

The name may be Clickbait, but the content is not.

Dreams PS4 header 1

PSX 2015: Dreams Preview – True Creative Freedom

I could have spent the entire show watching Dreams.


Shawn Layden Levels On PSX 2015’s Abrupt Ending, Hopes to Build Event Into an Annual Show

“That Paragon video is so powerful. I did not want to go on after that.”


Sony First-Party Studios – Where Art Thou?

Bend and Santa Monica continue to elude the limelight during PSX 2015.


PSX 2015: The Tomorrow Children Closed Beta Begins January 21

You can sign up now.

hitman e3 2015

PSX 2015: Hitman PS4 Beta Starts Feb 2016, Hitman Go Coming to PS4 and Vita

PS4 players also get 6 bonus missions.


PSX 2015: PlayStation Now 12-Month Subscription Available for $99.99

Limited-time offer.


PSX 2015: The King of Fighters XIV Trailer and Details Revealed

And yes, it’s coming to the West.


PSX 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake Isn’t “Completely Action-Based,” Says Producer

Hardware has evolved since Final Fantasy VII.


PSX 2015: Job Simulator and Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin VR Trailers and Details

That’s two Psychonauts within a week.

Hob Runic Games

PSX 2015: PS4 Adventure Title Hob Gets New Trailer and Details

Beautiful, dangerous world.

Fat Princess Adventures

PSX 2015: Fat Princess Adventures Available Now on PS4

Free DLC for early buyers.

paragon ps4

PSX 2015: Epic Games’ MOBA “Paragon” Coming to PS4 and PC

Open beta coming next year.


PSX 2015: Ace Combat 7 Announced for PS4 & PlayStation VR, Watch the Trailer

Get ready!

100ft robot golf

PSX 2015: 100FT Robot Golf Official PlayStation VR Trailer

Coming 2016.