Industry Events


Ace Combat 7 Interview – Talking Franchise’s 20-Year History and PlayStation VR

Unreal Engine 4 powering Ace Combat’s flight to PS4.


Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Interview – Talking Design, Anime and PlayStation Vita

No plans for Cross-Play between PS4 and Vita.


God Eater Resurrection Developers Talk Western Launch, God Arcs and Character Customization

Do you feel the hunger?


Jump Festa 2016 Interview: Pac-Man Creator Toru Iwatani Talks History, PS4 and the Future

Look forward to the original Pac-Man hitting PS4 in 2016!


Check Out Star Ocean 5’s Jump Festa 2016 Trailer

Shows a little bit of story and gameplay.

PSX Gallery 2015 Header

PlayStation Experience 2015 Photo Gallery – Developer Booths, Cosplay, & More

A picture is worth a thousand games.


PlayStation VR at PSX 2015: The Future of Immersion Is Now

Even the simplest of experiences offer new levels of depth.

Klaus preview

PSX 2015: Klaus Preview – Who Are You?

Where Am I?

lego marvel avengers preview 1

PSX 2015: LEGO Marvel Avengers Preview – Assemble!

Sony and Fox owned Marvel characters are not present.


PSX 2015: Bound Preview – Elegance and Grace

Fight back the chaos with artistic flow.

emotional game awards

Inaugural “Emotional Games Awards” to Take Place Early Next Year

Jury consists of Ubisoft and Rockstar devs.


PSX 2015: World of Tanks PS4 Preview – Complex Simplicity

Sometimes the simplest of ideas evoke the most complex results.


PSX 2015: XING: The Land Beyond Hands-On Preview – A Puzzling Afterlife

The art is beautiful to see, and story is told in poetry.


The Game Awards 2015 Saw 2.3 Million Livestreams, Keighley Confident in 2016 Edition

He wants a shorter run time next year and more on-stage awards.


PSX 2015: Chasm Hands-On Preview – ‘Vania Mania

More Castlevania than Metroid.


The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 09 – PSX 2015 and FFVII: What Have They Done to You?

The name may be Clickbait, but the content is not.

Dreams PS4 header 1

PSX 2015: Dreams Preview – True Creative Freedom

I could have spent the entire show watching Dreams.


Shawn Layden Levels On PSX 2015’s Abrupt Ending, Hopes to Build Event Into an Annual Show

“That Paragon video is so powerful. I did not want to go on after that.”


Sony First-Party Studios – Where Art Thou?

Bend and Santa Monica continue to elude the limelight during PSX 2015.


PSX 2015: The Tomorrow Children Closed Beta Begins January 21

You can sign up now.