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PaperBound header

PlayStation Experience – Paperbound Hands-On Preview – Chaotic Variety

Insane and frenetic 2D arena combat.

PlayStation Experience

The PlayStation Experience Impressions: For The Love of Gaming

Camaraderie, friendship, and a celebration of games.

Tearaway Unfolded

PlayStation Experience – Tearaway Unfolded Hands-On Preview – A New Adventure

More than just a remaster.

Keep Talking Explodes

PlayStation Experience – Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Preview – Digital Bomb Defusal

Saving the world, one bomb at a time.

Until Dawn PSX

PlayStation Experience – Until Dawn Hands-On Preview – An Interactive Slasher Flick

If the killer doesn’t get ya- actually, nope, he’ll probably get you.

BG 99

Bad Gamers: Ep 99 – At PlayStation Experience and Hands-On Destiny’s Dark Below

Now with 100% more Destiny Selfies.


Now Loading…PlayStation Experience Keynote, Did Sony Deliver?

The PSLS staff gives their thoughts on the PSX Keynote, and yes, we all didn’t like the “big trolling” move by that publisher.


PlayStation Experience – New Tearaway: Unfolded Trailer Revealed

DualShock 4 in action.


PlayStation Experience – Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Coming to PS Vita

More love for the Vita!


PlayStation Experience – Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Coming to PS Vita

Love for the Vita!

the forest

PlayStation Experience – Survival Horror Game, The Forest, Coming to PS4

From Steam to PS4!


PlayStation Experience – Yakuza 5 Coming to PS3 in North America and Europe

Wish granted.

persona 5

PlayStation Experience – Persona 5 Coming to PS3, PS4 in North America

Oh yeah!


PlayStation Experience – Check Out the No Man’s Sky Universe

Go for the Platinum trophy.


PlayStation Experience – Until Dawn’s Gameplay Demo Will Make Your Heart Race

Make the right choice!


PlayStation Experience – Watch the Grim Fandango Gameplay Trailer

Releasing January 27.


PlayStation Experience – Broken Age Coming to PS4, PS Vita in 2015

The complete adventure.


PlayStation Experience – Street Fighter V to Feature PS4, PC Cross-Platform Play

Only on the PS4!