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The Game Awards 2016 – Here’s the Full List of Winners

Overwatch wins Game of the Year.


The Game Awards 2016 – Next Rocket League Update Gets a Trailer

Includes free Starbase Arc map.


Overwatch Dominates 2016’s Golden Joystick Awards, Dark Souls III Named Ultimate GOTY

Uncharted 4 crowned PlayStation’s GOTY.

Overwatch Competitive Play

Overwatch’s Play of the Game Feature Will Be Revamped, Says Blizzard

They call it Play of the Game 2.0.

diablo 3 console seasons

Diablo III Seasons Coming to Consoles Next Year

Console and PC Seasons will align in Season 10.


Blizzard Co-Founder Rejoins Company After 12 Years, Working on “Cool New Stuff”

Allen Adham co-founded Blizzard in 1991


Overwatch: Sombra Origin Story Introduced in New Trailers, Arcade Mode Explained

Watch Sombra in action.

diablo 3 ps4 555x328

Upcoming Diablo III Patch Will Include Remake of Original Diablo, Necromancer Pack Announced

Check out a trailer for the Necromancer.


Sony’s Paris Games Week Lineup: Lots of Playable PS4 Games, No Mention of a Press Conference

PGW starts in two weeks.

resident evil the final chapter movie

Resident Evil Movies Were Successful Because They Respected Games, Says Director

Final movie will be terrifying.

war for the planet of the apes

War for the Planet of the Apes Game Coming to Consoles

Releasing around the same time as the movie.


Overwatch is Twitch’s Most Watched New Release of 2016 as Site Breaks Viewership Record

No Man’s Sky and The Division appear in the top 10 as well.


Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage Hands-on Preview – Return of the King…dom Hearts (PS4)

I spend a lot of time talking about aesthetics, but what can I say, they sucked me right in.


Now Loading…PlayStation Experience 2016 Predictions and Expectations

Are you hoping for new announcements or just PSVR and PS4 Pro?


Here’s 24 Minutes of Yooka-Laylee EGX 2016 Gameplay

Looks like a ton of fun.