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Dead or Alive 5 (PS3) Hands-on Impression [Tokyo Game Show]

Features many fighters! Some are alive, and some are not!


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3) Hands-on Impression [Tokyo Game Show]

Ever since MGS 2, I’ve wanted Raiden to punch a woman. Today, that’s what I made him do.


Ys Celceta (Vita) Hands-on Impression [Tokyo Game Show]

Smooth action RPG for the Vita.


Sony Revealing New Virtual Reality Head Mount at TGS

You will witness the immersive future of vague immersive entertainment.


The ESA Announces That E3 Will Remain In Los Angeles Through 2015

ESA announces that E3 will remain in LA for the next three years, reveals E3 2013 dates.


Beyond: Two Souls: 160 Actors, Ellen Page in a Submarine, and More

The more cinematic games become, the more like movies they become inRead the full article…

wtf is this

What Pissed Us Off About E3 2012

The big, ‘exciting’ part of E3 is over and Cameron Teague andRead the full article…


Platform Holders Push Second Screens at E3 2012, Pointlessly Augmenting Games

All the big E3 press conferences are now over and, besides aRead the full article…

EA Sports MMA Feature 1

EA and UFC Officially Partnering for MMA Games

In a major surprise it looks like EA and the UFC haveRead the full article…


PlayStation Home to Have Live Dust 514 Q&A

Due to its unique ability to interface with the hugely popular PCRead the full article…


GDC Preview – LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

LEGOs have a tendency to attract younger crowds, and the video gameRead the full article…