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PSX 2015: The King of Fighters XIV Trailer and Details Revealed

And yes, it’s coming to the West.


PSX 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake Isn’t “Completely Action-Based,” Says Producer

Hardware has evolved since Final Fantasy VII.


PSX 2015: Job Simulator and Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin VR Trailers and Details

That’s two Psychonauts within a week.

Hob Runic Games

PSX 2015: PS4 Adventure Title Hob Gets New Trailer and Details

Beautiful, dangerous world.

Fat Princess Adventures

PSX 2015: Fat Princess Adventures Available Now on PS4

Free DLC for early buyers.

paragon ps4

PSX 2015: Epic Games’ MOBA “Paragon” Coming to PS4 and PC

Open beta coming next year.

100ft robot golf

PSX 2015: 100FT Robot Golf Official PlayStation VR Trailer

Coming 2016.


PSX 2015: Golem Announced for PlayStation VR, Releases First on PS4

Comes to us from Highwire Games.

eagle flight psvr

PSX 2015: Eagle Flight Official PlayStation VR Gameplay Trailer

Brought to us by Ubisoft.


PSX 2015: Rez Infinite Announced for PlayStation VR

Watch the reveal.


PSX 2015: Free-to-Play Title Guns Up Available on PS4 Today

PS Plus members get free starter DLC.


PSX 2015: MLB The Show 16 Announced for PS4 & PS3, Launches March 29, 2016

Josh Donaldson graces the cover.


PSX 2015: Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey Announced for PS4, PS Vita

Watch the trailer.


PSX 2015: Don’t Starve Together Makes Its Console Debut on PS4

Check out the trailer.


PSX 2015: Adult Swim Games Bringing Death’s Gambit, Rain World, Head Lander & More to PS4 in 2016

Also Duck Game and Small Radios Big Televisions.


PSX 2015: FANG Revealed for Street Fighter V, Season Pass Available Soon

Six additional characters revealed as well.


PSX 2015: New Battleborn Trailer, Open Beta Coming Soon to PS4

Game includes couch co-op with the campaign.