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Mortal Kombat X


Batman Arkham Knight



Gavin Moore Talks Puppeteer, How to Write Games and why “Variation is Everything”

He also tells us what his next game is.


The Mind Behind SOCOM 1 & 2 Talks H-Hour: World’s Elite, Shooters and PS4

SOCOM’s last hope?


“Our Goal is to Scare The Shit Out of Players”: Outlast Devs Talk PS4, PS Plus and Horror

Keep an eye open…or else.

SR4 Jim Boone

Volition Talks Saints Row IV, The Death of THQ and Next-Gen Consoles

No relation to Ed Boon, I think.


Zombie Studios Discuss PS4 Development, F2P and Self-Publishing

Not only gamers love the PS4.


Gaijin President Talks War Thunder on PS4: Head Tracking, Sony’s Openness, PC Interconnectivity

Bringing the lightning.


Ted Price Talks PS4, Fuse, Resistance 3 and the Ratchet & Clank Movie

Not going to want to miss this.


In-depth Interview on the PS3 Exclusive 5 Star Wrestling

I’m no Mean-Gene, but still a must read for wrestling fans.


Interview with rain Associate Producer Dais Kawaguchi

rain reveals its secrets.


Enhancing PlayStation Move: DualPLAY’s Creator Talks Motion, Crowd Funding and Trying to be Truly 1:1

Motion control finally perfected…if all goes as planned.

Dead Space 3 Interview Header

“We are a Dead Space Game”: DS3 Senior Producer David Woldman Talks Story, Game Mechanics and The Future

We talk replayability, the Dead Space story, the future of the franchise, and more.


FuturLab Talks Vita, PS Mobile and Signing a Deal With Sony

The Futur is bright.


We Talk to Valve’s Inhouse Psychologist About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The bombshell has been planted.


Journey To Another Galaxy: An Interview With DUST 514’s Community Manager

In this special interview we talk to Phil Wang, Community Manager at CCP Games, about the ambitious upcoming PlayStation exclusive, DUST 514. During the interview we discuss the challenges with going from MMO to FPS development, how CCP Games plans to differentiate DUST 514 from its older kindred EVE Online, as well as how the game will keep players coming back for more.


Interview with Shawn McGrath & Dyad Giveaway!

In this exclusive interview, Shawn McGrath gives PlayStation LifeStyle a unique perspective inRead the full article…

feature - ghost recon commander

Loot Drop Co-Founder Brenda Brathwaite Discusses Ghost Recon Commander & Its Ties To Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Some gamers may not know that critically well-received tactical squad shooter GhostRead the full article…

feature - tomba

MonkeyPaw President John Greiner Discusses Acquiring The Rights To Re-Release Tomba! & Import Games

Last Tuesday at E3, I had the pleasure of meeting MonkeyPaw GamesRead the full article…