UK Sales Chart: Injustice 2 Debuts in 1st, With Farpoint Right Behind It

Farpoint is the highest-charting VR-only game ever.


PSN Maintenance Today, May 22, Will Last For One Hour

Gaming & Social and PlayStation Store access will be restricted.


MLB The Show 17 Update 1.07 Prevents Soft Locks, Adjusts Hook Logic

Plus: The Swing Analysis display will now always use the “Buckshot” PCI art.

overwatch animated short bastion

Overwatch Animated Shorts Returning for Season 2, Work’s Underway

First season ended with The Last Bastion.

world of tanks

World of Tanks Developer Denies Censorship Claims After Fallout With YouTuber Over Harsh Criticism

YouTuber was threatened with a copyright strike.


Injustice 2 PS4/PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One Graphics Comparison Released

The game looks good on all platforms.


Paladins Amassed “Well Over” 2 Million Console Players in the Last Two Weeks

Roadmap for the next few months revealed.


Injustice 2’s Super Moves Come With a Mini Game

Increase or decrease damage.


NieR: Automata Developer PlatinumGames Teasing New IP

It’s “formless.”

silver case 25th ward

The Silver Case Sequel Is Being Remastered

The 25th Ward.


PS4 & PS Vita New Releases This Week: May 23, 2017 – Spirit of Time

It’s almost RiME time!

Shadow Warrior 2 Sword

Shadow Warrior 2 Review – Swords & Limbs (PS4)

Out of the shadows!

crash bandicoot

New Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Trailer Shows Off Its Villains

Psychopathic kangaroo, monstrous polar bear, and more.


Kingdom Come Deliverance Will Have “Better Graphics” on PS4 Pro, No PSVR Content Planned

Extent of Pro enhancements not decided yet.


The Witcher Dev “Wouldn’t Mind” Working on Naughty Dog Games Like The Last of Us

Konrad Tomaszkiewicz has invested a lot of time into the Souls series.

Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island_20170516232157

Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island Review – Garden Variety (PS4)

Watch out Ratchet and Clank! They’re coming for you!

overwatch anniv event skin

Blizzard Teases New Overwatch Legendary Skins and Voice Lines

Competitive Play Season 4 ending soon.