PlayStation Mobile


Free-to-Play Uncharted: Fortune Hunter Mobile Game Unlocks Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Rewards

Including skins and relics.


Sony Announces ForwardWorks, a New Company Making PlayStation Games for Mobile Devices

But only in Japan and Asia for now.


PSA: PlayStation Mobile Re-Downloads Ending This Week

Possibly our last post on PlayStation Mobile…unless it gets revived or something.


PlayStation Mobile Ending Distribution Tomorrow

Users have until September 10 to re-download products.


Oh, Deer! is a Farewell to PlayStation Mobile – PSLS Talks With Necrosoft

Find out what makes Oh, Deer unique on PS Mobile.

Oh, Deer!

“Oh, Deer!” Will Likely Be the Last PlayStation Mobile Game

Run down deer in a station wagon.


PS4 Promised Features – Has Sony Delivered?

What did Sony promise during the PS4 reveal, and did they deliver on ’em? Read on and find out.


PlayStation Mobile Misfortune – Developers Speak Out

Developers speak to us about developing for PS Mobile, marketing, and that confusing marketplace structure.


Sony Ending PlayStation Mobile Later This Year

Want to continue playing your purchased content? You’ll need to activate your system.


Sony Xperia Z3 Product Line to be Able to Remote Play PS4 Games

Not coming to non-Xperia devices, Sony says.

ps mobile

Sony Ceases Support for PlayStation Mobile on Android, Wants to Focus on the Vita

Android L will not get PS Mobile.


PlayStation Store Preview – January 14th, 2014: Liberated From Vita

Want to know what’s coming in this week’s update?


This Week’s PlayStation Mobile Free Games are Super Crate Box and Fuel Tiracas

Super Crate Box is awesome.


November 2013 PSN Sales Charts in North America Have Flower/Call of Duty: Ghosts at #1 on PS4

Tearaway tops Vita.


This Week’s PlayStation Mobile Freebies are Gun Commando & Mononoke Slashdown

Can’t argue with free.


Sony Offering Five Weeks of Free PS Mobile Games, Starts With Rymdkapsel and Passing Time

Pass some time with these free games.

Bad Boyes2

Adam Boyes Asks Daily Reaction: What Would You do if You Had Control Over PlayStation?

Boyes will be Boyes.