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FuturLab Signs a Deal With Sony to Bring New Content to the Vita in 2013

Will we see Velocity 2 next year?

Sony Apple header

Xbox Creator and Ouya Advisor Says iOS and Android Forces Console Makers to Re-evaluate Their Strategy

Congratulations, you have eviscerated Poseidon! Would you like to pay $3.99 to continue onto Hades?


Surge is FuturLab’s Next Game, Check Out The Trailer

It’s out in two weeks!


Bring on the Indies: PlayStation Mobile SDK Now Public

Someone make a game about me.


Sine Mora, Big PS3 Games Sale, Lots of PS+ Trials, and More Coming to the NA PSN Next Week

Get your hard drives ready.

Uncharted Card Game header

Feeling Lucky? Uncharted Fight for Fortune is a Vita Card Game

Poker always did have a serious lack of PlayStation-powered cutscenes.


Daily Reaction: PlayStation Network, The State of Play

Maintenance needed.


Sony’s Gaikai is Coming to Android, iOS “and Other Mobile Devices”

Never Stop Playing.

Android Playstation Mobile Featured

How to Install PlayStation Mobile on any Android Device

Not “PlayStation Certified”? no problem!


Daily Reaction: PlayStation Mobile’s First Steps

Sony reaches in your pants


PlayStation Mobile Now Live on Vita and Select Mobiles, Here’s How to Get it

The Vita just got a bunch more games.


PS Mobile, Gaikai Supporting Gaming Tablet Wikipad to Launch at $499, Coming This October

Cue Vita comparisons.


Eufloria Adventures Coming to PlayStation Mobile, And Therefore PS Vita

Flower power.


Sony Mobile Workforce Cut By 1,000, Headquarters Shifted to Tokyo

“Still a core business”.


Daily Reaction: What Will PS Mobile Mean for Sony, Vita and Android?

Sony goes mobile….again.


PlayStation Domains Exposed: PS Nexus, War is Coming, Resistance World and More



PlayStation Mobile Could Offer Trophy Support, Other PSN Features

Ever since Sony bought out Ericsson stake in their mobile business, theirRead the full article…

feature-PlayStation Mobile

PlayStation Suite Partners with HTC, Re-branded PlayStation Mobile

Sony announced that PlayStation Suite is now PlayStation Mobile and will be partnered with HTC.


PlayStation Store Global Update – May 15, 2012

Each week Sony brings PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners new content,Read the full article…