Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Beta Preview

Things seem to be growing well so far!

World of Tanks Ps4 Header

The Lurking Sophistication of World of Tanks – A Visit to Wargaming Chicago

We talk recording audio, tank destruction, and the voice of the community.


Jump Festa 2016: Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Hands-On Preview — A New Beginning (PS4)

Testing a RPG that revolves around players putting a RPG to the test…


PlayStation VR at PSX 2015: The Future of Immersion Is Now

Even the simplest of experiences offer new levels of depth.

Headlander preview

PSX 2015: Headlander Preview – Ahead of the Competition

Double Fine and Adult Swim.

Stories the path of destinies preview 1

PSX 2015: Stories: The Path of Destinies Preview – Tell It Again

Care to craft your own tale, again and again?


PSX 2015: Masquerada Preview – Tactical RPG Art

Masks provide the power.

Klaus preview

PSX 2015: Klaus Preview – Who Are You?

Where Am I?

lego marvel avengers preview 1

PSX 2015: LEGO Marvel Avengers Preview – Assemble!

Sony and Fox owned Marvel characters are not present.


PSX 2015: Bound Preview – Elegance and Grace

Fight back the chaos with artistic flow.

Severed header

PSX 2015: Severed Preview – Worth the Wait

Vita exclusive, with no plans for otherwise.


PSX 2015: Mighty No. 9 Preview – An Inafune Masterpiece

Keiji Inafune triumphantly returns to the action arcade platformer genre.

YIIK a postmodern rpg preview 1

PSX 2015: YIIK: A Postmodern RPG Preview – RPG Like It’s 1999

Things are about to get weird.


PSX 2015: Amplitude Preview – Rhythmic Embargo

This is me not talking about it.


PSX 2015: Dead Star Preview – More Than One Way to Survive

There’s more here than meets the eye.


PSX 2015: World of Tanks PS4 Preview – Complex Simplicity

Sometimes the simplest of ideas evoke the most complex results.


PSX 2015: XING: The Land Beyond Hands-On Preview – A Puzzling Afterlife

The art is beautiful to see, and story is told in poetry.


PSX 2015: Chasm Hands-On Preview – ‘Vania Mania

More Castlevania than Metroid.

Dreams PS4 header 1

PSX 2015: Dreams Preview – True Creative Freedom

I could have spent the entire show watching Dreams.

Far Cry Primal Preview Header

Far Cry Primal Hands-On Preview – Basic Instinct

The need to eat. The need to stay warm. The need to survive.