Virtual Reality Headset PS4: News, Rumors, Specs


Sony Seeks to Integrate Advanced Image Sensor Technology Into Products With SoftKinetic Purchase

To use in PlayStation VR?


PlayStation VR Conversations: Reload Studios

The best World War.

Harmonix VR

PlayStation VR Conversations With Developers – Harmonix

Harmonix wants to take you on a trippy music experience.


Xbox Head Phil Spencer Isn’t Crazy About VR

Thinks it will take away from the social aspect of gaming.


Shuhei: Sony Has “Many” Unannounced PlayStation VR Games, “Almost All” Japanese Publishers Working on VR

Small developers can still create games (and get them done) in time for PlayStation VR launch.


PlayStation VR Will Be Priced as a New Gaming Platform, Says PlayStation President

Sony plans to release more than 10 VR titles in 2016.


PlayStation VR Official Tech Specs Revealed by Sony

Prepare for technical stuff!


TGS 2015: Project Morpheus Now Officially Named as PlayStation VR

Final Fantasy game confirmed for it, too!


Until Dawn Developer and Their Supermassive History With Sony

Find out more about the Until Dawn developer!

No Man's Sky Screen

Hello Games Talks No Man’s Sky on Project Morpheus: “It’s Something We’re Thinking About”

“I don’t know what I’m allowed to say.”

VR scared

Daily Reaction: Are Gaming Accessories Important? VR, Fight Sticks and Gaming Headsets

Plastic, it’s fantastic.


PlayStation LifeStyle Talks Battlezone PS4 and Virtual Reality With Rebellion

Rebellion talks about the ’80s classic and more with PSLS!


US Digital Console and PC Sales Saw Increase in June, Bethesda Cleans Up

And Bethesda made $5.1 million off of Fallout Shelter.


Rebellion: Native VR Experience is “Inherently More Intense”

“It makes you realise just how over-the-top we have to be in conventional game design in order to wring a bit of adrenaline out of a player.”


Rebellion: VR Not a Gimmick, Will Stand Alongside “Flat Screen Gaming”

“I don’t think it’s a gimmick”

Allison Road

Allison Road Creator in Talks With Sony and Microsoft, Working on VR Version

Set to release Q3 of next year.


10 PS4 Games That Could Be Better With Project Morpheus

The future of virtual reality looks bright!


Shuhei Yoshida: Virtual Reality Not the Next 3D TV

Yoshida mentions bringing the Morpheus to events and malls to let the public try it out.


Yoshida: VR a Powerful New Medium That “Can’t Be Done” With Conventional TVs, Consoles and PCs

Calls VR a “great chance” for indie developers.

Morpheus Header

Sony Still “Hasn’t Decided” on Project Morpheus Release Date

Yoshida also explains why they didn’t focus on the Morpheus at its press conference.