Virtual Reality Headset PS4: News, Rumors, Specs


The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 21 – Is Chandler Wood Selling His PS4 for PokeCoins?

Plus, an E3 2016 bathroom story that will give you goosebumps!


Try Out PlayStation VR at EGX 2016

Word to the wise, better book your session now.

playstation vr new

Sony Gives New Details on PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode

Play games like Uncharted 4 in VR!

ADR1FT Screenshot 01

ADR1FT Isn’t Planned for PlayStation VR Right Now

PlayStation Access said earlier this week that it was.


Some PlayStation VR Games Require Move Controllers, Sony Now Says

Job Simulator is one of them.

FuturLab - Velocity 2X

Next FuturLab Project Will Be PlayStation VR

Further cementing their commitment to Sony products.


Sony: Every PlayStation VR Game Will Support the DualShock 4 (Update)

Move controllers will enhance the experience.


Resident Evil 7 and the Prospect of AAA VR Games

The fabled killer app.


More PlayStation VR Titles Listed Online, Sony Says PSVR Production is “On Track”

Check out some PAL region covers as well.

Dead Hungry

Watch Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Flip VR Burgers for “Dead Hungry”

Good to know Shuhei can always flip burgers when this Sony thing doesn’t work out.

Batman: Arkham VR

Report: Batman: Arkham VR Listed at $20

Remember, this isn’t a VR remake of a past Arkham game, just a VR experience in the world of Arkham.


Sony Likens VR Experience to a Theme Park Ride, “Short” But “Intense”

It’s also “very enjoyable.”


PSVR Bike Accessory Spotted on Amazon

And it’s…$400.


Final Batch of PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Sold Out “Within Minutes,” Says GameStop

Wait for launch now.


The Assembly Releasing in Late 2016 for PlayStation VR

Learn all about the upcoming first-person interactive story.


Thumper and SuperHyperCube Confirmed as PlayStation VR Launch Titles on October 13

Check out trailers for both.

playstation vr new

Final Batch of PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Goes Live Tomorrow, June 30, in the US

More units will be available at launch on October 13.


Jim Ryan Says PlayStation VR “Liberating for Developers” Because it Allows for Experimentation

“VR is such a different proposition.”


Capcom on Resident Evil 7 Protagonist: An “Ordinary Person” Stuck in an Extraordinary Situation

“It isn’t an existing character whose eyes you’re seeing through.”