Virtual Reality Headset PS4: News, Rumors, Specs


PlayStation VR Design Sheet Hints at Multiple Controller Combinations

So many possibilities!


Analyst Claims VR Install Base Will Reach 70 Million by the End of 2017

Smartphone devices will drive interest in the medium, says SuperData.

PlayStation VR

Sony Advising PlayStation VR Devs to Make “Seated” Games for Safety

It’s to maximize player safety…

PlayStation VR

Stable 60fps Deemed a “Minimum” for PlayStation VR, Sony Pushing For 90fps as Standard

Device capable of up to 120fps.


EA Wary About Virtual Reality Until the Market Is Big Enough, Compares It to PS Vita

They don’t make Vita games because the market is too small.


Analyst Michael Pachter Believes PlayStation VR Offers “Humongous Value” Over Competitors

“It’s unlikely to cost more than Oculus.”

PlayStation VR

Leaked Patent Design for Possible PlayStation VR Tennis Racket Surfaces

Reinvented, ergonomic, and unconfirmed.

PlayStation VR

Capcom: Developing Games for PlayStation VR Not off the Table

Japanese publisher testing out “many types of hardware.”


Horror Game “White Day” Announced for PlayStation VR, List of Korean Devs Working on PS4 Games Released

A “romantic horror adventure game.”


PlayStation VR Release Date Will Be Known in 2016, Says Shuhei Yoshida

They will price it to get as many users as possible.


PlayStation VR Conversations: KO-OP Mode

Explore 3D puzzles like never before!


PlayStation VR Trailer Runs Through All the Features, Re-Confirms First Half of 2016 Release Window

Still no price though.


Sony: “It’s a Bit Too Early to Sort out” PlayStation VR’s Price and Release Date

Sony hasn’t changed their release window of the first half of 2016.


Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Is a Completely Standalone Game for PlayStation VR, Isn’t DLC

“The whole thing is on-rails.”


Trackmania Turbo Will Support PlayStation VR in 2016

The entire game will support VR.


PlayStation VR Conversations: ZeroTransform

Fly with VR.

theVOTE sony paris games week 2015 pgw 2015

The VOTE: PGW 2015 – Did Sony Paris Games Week Impress You?

Lots of VR news, but still no release date or price.


DriveClub VR Revealed at Paris Games Week, “Could Turn Into Something More Than Just a Tech Demo”

Evolution has six months of DriveClub content planned.


Megaton Rainfall Lets You Play as a Superhero in First-Person on PS4 & PS VR Next Year

Don’t unintentionally kill too many humans!


Dead Secret Comes to PS4 & PS3 in January 2016, PlayStation VR Support Arrives Later

It’s influenced by Clock Tower, Siren, and Deadly Premonition.