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Destiny Launch Trailer Rolls Out Brings the Hype

Destiny releases soon and Activision wants you to know about it.


Call of Duty: Ghosts Nemesis Release Date on PS4, PS3, & PC Revealed

You’ll have to wait until next month.


PlayStation Store Sales Starting Soon: PAX 2014, Call of Duty, PixelJunk

Games for PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PSP will be discounted.


The Two Upcoming The Last of Us PS4, PS3 Multiplayer Maps Will be Free

The Last of Us Remastered matchmaking will hopefully receive an update in the coming weeks.


PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Monday, August 25, 2014

Sign in now!


Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s “The Soapbox”

Here’s your chance to be heard AND get something for it, too!


Project CARS & Rise of the Tomb Raider Pre-Orders Jumped Over 30% During gamescom, Says Amazon UK (Update)

Overall, Wii U games saw the biggest pre-order percentage increase last week.


Here’s Over 35 Minutes of Rainbow Six: Siege Gameplay Footage

Over 35-minutes of drones, bullets and loud noises!


Overkill’s The Walking Dead Will Focus on the Comic’s Universe

Still no word on platforms.

BG 83

Bad Gamers: Ep 83 – Silent Hills and Avoiding Pop Journalism

Extra! Extra!

Storage management

Ask PSLS: Too Many Games… Not Enough Space…

Digital and physical.


Yoshida: PlayStation Move Was “A Bit Ahead of Its Time”

He doesn’t think people want another motion game right now.


Sony Sending Out LittleBigPlanet 3 PS4 Beta Invites

Check your emails for private beta invites!


Minecraft: PS4 Edition Fails Sony Testing, Must be Re-Submitted

I’d say an August 2014 release is next to impossible at this point.

Destiny Space

Bungie: Character Supers Can be Countered in Destiny PvP

One of these counters is a shotgun blast to the face.


Lords of the Fallen Has a “Steep Learning Curve for New Players”

Once you learn enemy patterns, things should get easier.


Just Cause Developer Avalanche Studios Teases “Several Surprises” for 2015

The Stockholm studio is moving, but it isn’t to Colorado.


Japanese Sales Chart: Hyrule Warriors Bests Monster Hunter PS Vita

And nothing can beat Yokai Watch 2.


Activision Resurrected Sierra Due to a Big “Indie Movement”

Popularity of indies made a compelling business case.

NHL 15 PS4

NHL 15 PS4 and Xbox One Versions Will be Missing Two Popular Game Modes

EA Sports Hockey League and GM Connected missing this year.