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Harmonix Plans to Support Old Guitar Hero Controllers in Rock Band 4

Don’t throw them away yet!


Dark Souls II Weapon Durability Glitch to be Fixed Soon

Weapon degradation tied to frame rate.


Star Wars Battlefront Includes Playable Female Stormtroopers

No pink Darth Vader for you.


Borderlands Creator Leaves Gearbox

He’s ready to make something new.

Square Enix

Square Enix Working on Unannounced PS4 Titles, Set to Come Out This Year

What could they be?

Dragon Quest Heroes Logo

Dragon Quest Heroes Western Release Will Have a Ridiculous Subtitle

It’s a little nonsensical.

ps4 vs xbox one

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Systems Have Sold 350,000 Units in the UK This Year

Not bad, considering it is only April.


Bungie: Destiny Purple Ball Has Been “Reborn,” Now in a Different Color

It’s more “metal,” but is still “purple in spirit” according to Bungie.


DICE: Star Wars Battlefront Frame Rate to Be at 60fps for PS4, Xbox One and PC

“Photo-realism” high on DICE’s agenda, too!


Digital Copies of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Unlock a Few Hours Early for US Gamers

Start playing at PM PDT / 7 PM EDT on May 18.


Everything Wrong With Mortal Kombat X

Not a flawless victory?!


Big PSN Flash Sale for April 2015 is Live in North America, Here’s all the Deals

Deals include Ninja Gaiden, Samurai Warriors, and more.


Madden NFL 16 Release Date Announced, More Details Coming in May

You’ll never guess the month it’s coming out in…


Someone Completed Bloodborne Using Only a Rock Band Guitar Controller

And it only took him nine hours.


Here’s the Official Star Wars Battlefront Trailer

Watch the livestream right here.


Star Wars Battlefront Won’t Include a Campaign or Prequel Trilogy Content

But you will be able to play missions alone or with friends.


Star Wars Battlefront Release Date Fully Confirmed, Free Battle of Jakku DLC Detailed

Battle of Jakku is the only post-launch content being talked about right now.


Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 Release Date Confirmed, Includes All DLC Launched so Far

It costs just $24.99.


Star Ocean 5 Looks… Um… Interesting in 18 Screenshots

A punch right in the uncanny valley.