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Cross play podcast episode 2 god of war playstation 5 radical heights

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #2: CliffyB, Don’t Turn on the Red Light

Let’s talk God of War reviews and PlayStation 5.

You Won’t Believe the Price of This Limited Disgaea Refine 15th Anniversary Edition

Hint: It’s the 15th anniversary.

Hokuto ga Gotoku Share function Original difficulty

Hokuto ga Gotoku Has New Original Difficulty, Unlocks Share Function For Whole Game

Previously only available in post-game.

Read the Fortnite Update 1.56 Patch Notes

Read the Fortnite Update 1.56 Patch Notes

Plenty of new additions.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Hideaway DLC

New Dynasty Warriors 9 DLC Which Lets You Customize Hideaways is Out Now

That’s a really high house!

fist of the north star western

Is Fist of the North Star Making its Way to the West?

Survey says…

new sakura wars

Sega CEO Discusses New Games, Quality Control, and the Company’s Future

The company is headed in a new and exciting direction…

call of duty alexa

New Call of Duty: WWII Alexa Skill is Like Having a Personal Multiplayer Coach

Here’s how machine-learning technology can help you master multiplayer gameplay…

battlefield v battle royale

Report: Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode in the Works

Are you ready for another battle royale game?

spider man screenshots

These Spider-Man Screenshots and Concept Art are Truly Breathtaking

We still wait for the selfies though.

Cutting Edge Pack DLC

A New DLC Pack for The Surge is Now Freely Available

Now you’re playing with power!

for honor training mode

For Honor Getting Training Mode in Update Tomorrow

Hone your skills, then go out and practice.

the station ps vr announcement

Experience a Mystery Deep in Space in Virtual Reality as The Station Arrives on PlayStation VR

Just make sure that someone is in the room with you while you are on The Station.

songbringer dlc

Free Songbringer DLC Coming Next Week Alongside Major Update

New items, story, and tweaks.

brawlout new trailer featured image

Brawlout Releases a New Trailer and Talks About Some Game Specifics on the PlayStation Blog

Prepare the popcorn, Mountain Dew, and all your trash talks!

far cry 5 sales

Japanese Sales Chart: Far Cry 5 Continues to Do Well After Launch

Only three new titles made the list!

mary skelter 2 trailer

Compile Heart Releases a New Nine Minute Trailer for Mary Skelter 2

That’s a long trailer. But it’s kind of worth it at the end of the video though. Kinda.

LEGO The Incredibles Game

Brand New Trailer for LEGO The Incredibles Details the Parr Family’s Powers

Super strength, flexibility, and more.

persona dancing dlc

Atlus Confirms DLC of More Velvet Room Denizes and Cross Dressing Persona Characters

We wonder if Atlus will ever make Igor dance.