PS4 News, Trophies, Reviews, and More

pt silent hills

Silent Hills TGS 2014 Concept Trailer Brings the Frights, Game May be Released in Episodic Format

Bloody handprints, children’s toys and more make an appearance!

dragon age inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition AI is “Pretty Intelligent,” Claims BioWare

AI party members will be intelligent in how they “react,” says BioWare.


Resident Evil Remastered Trophy List Sneaks Out, Includes a Platinum

You’ll need to beat the game in under three hours.


Minecraft: PS4 Edition Retail Version Hits Stores in October

Minecraft: PS Vita Edition news coming in a few weeks.


Destiny: How Hype & Marketing Trump Review Scores

Could AAA games and its marketing budget make reviews obsolete? Read on how Destiny might be shaking things up.


See Battlefield Hardline Hotwire Multiplayer Mode in Action

Objective: Get to the marked cars and drive fast.


Destiny Becomes Twitch’s Biggest Console Launch of 2014

People watched nearly 240 million minutes of gameplay.


Final Fantasy XV Gets a Gameplay Trailer, Tetsuya Nomura Replaced as Game Director

He’s now focused on Kingdom Hearts III.


Lengthy Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Gameplay Video, TGS Gameplay Trailer Revealed

March 2015 release date fully confirmed by Square Enix.

Destiny Ogre

Destiny PS4 Software Launch Now the Biggest One to Date

“single biggest PS4 hardware sales week since Christmas 2013!”


Bloodborne Release Date and Collector’s Edition for US Revealed, Gets TGS Gameplay Video That Shows Off Co-Op

Release date, collector’s edition and a new gameplay vid! Oh, my!

PS4 Hardware sales asia

PS4 Becomes Fastest Selling Sony Console Ever in Asia

Way to go, PS4!


Bloodborne TGS Trailer

All about blood, and how it is, erm, born…with an e.

Joel Resident Evil

The Last of Us Protagonists Transported to a New Setting in Resident Evil 4 Mod

This is awesome!


Sony Expecting Over $2 Billion in Losses This Year

That’s a whole lot of money.


Battleborn Gameplay Footage Debuts, Shows a Different Kind of Shooter

Is the FPS and MOBA genres ready to be merged?


The Crew Trailer is on the Road, and Drives Social Importance

Here’s what’s a day in the life of a The Crew player looks like.


The Evil Within TGS 2014 Gameplay Trailer Knows What You Fear

Game releases in less than a month.

BG 87

Bad Gamers: 87 – Balanced Games and Destiny Tips and Tricks

The worst guardians ever.


Scan Your Face Into NBA 2K15 on PS4 or Xbox One

PlayStation Camera or Kinect required.