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Monster Hunter World Sales

Monster Hunter: World Review – Rebirth (PS4)

You’ll want to play this.

EA Sports UFC 3 Out Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

EA Sports UFC 3 Review – Paper Champ (PS4)

There’s a surprising amount of Snoop Dogg.

Lost Sphear Review – Save Precious Memories (PS4)

Return lost memories and save the world.

The Inpatient Review – The Doctor Will See You Now (PSVR)

It’s time for your treatment.

Iconoclasts Review

Iconoclasts Review – Tried and True Formula (PS4)

Grab your wrench!

Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition Review – It IS Rocket Science (PS4)

Ready to learn enough to work for NASA?

Beholder Complete Edition Review – Voyeuristic Building Management (PS4)

Will you be a tool of the government?

InnerSpace Review

InnerSpace Review – High Flyin’ (PS4)

Does it soar above the competition?

Albert & Otto Review – Sheep Must Die (PS4)

Is there any hope for Anna?

Little Red Lie Review – Interactive Sack of Misery (PS4/Vita)

A dark and depressing look at debt, depression, and the power of money.

Yakuza 6 import review

Yakuza 6 Import Review – The Best Single Father Simulator (PS4)

It’s basically a single father simulator.

Accounting+ Review – What The *Expletive* Did I Just Play? (PSVR)

It’s gonna be a weird one folks.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Resurrection Review – The Epilogue Awakens (PS4)

Concluding the conflicts.

before the storm episode 3 review

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 3 Review – Saying Goodbye (PS4)

Goodbye, Rachel.

Gang Beasts Review – Connection Error, Controls Not Found (PS4)

Did 3+ years of early access do it any favors?

Shooty Fruity Review – Supermarket Shootout (PSVR)

Not juiced another VR shooting gallery.

Okami HD Review – Summon Your Inner Artist (PS4)

Take control of Amaterasu one more time.

8 bit Adventure Anthology review

8-bit Adventure Anthology: Volume I Review – Certainly Faithful (PS4)

Three classic adventure titles.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Review – Exploring the Possibilities (PS4)

Balancing new content with fixing existing problems.