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planet of the eyes PS4 review

Planet of the Eyes Review — Eye of the Storm (PS4)

Being short isn’t always a problem.

Destiny 2 Review

Destiny 2 Review – Embracing Destiny (PS4)

An incredible improvement over the first in almost every way.

nascar 2 heat review

NASCAR Heat 2 Review – Drafting Ahead (PS4)

Got a big ol’ truck.

Destiny 2 leviathan raid 3

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Impressions – A Gilded Labyrinth of Puzzles

Bungie presents one of their best Raid to date.

NHL 18 review

NHL 18 Review – On Point (PS4)

Hitting the ice in a deeper and more challenging way.

Bloody zombies review

Bloody Zombies Review – Undead VR Brawler (PSVR/PS4)

A different use of virtual reality.

Ys VIII review

Ys VIII – Lacrimosa of DANA Review – Easy Living on a Deserted Island (PS4)

No weeping here over the newest Ys.


Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1 Review – Teenage Feelings (PS4)

It’s hella good.

Destiny 2 Review (4)

Destiny 2 Review in Progress – Reignite the Light (PS4)

Eyes up Guardian.

Knack 2 Review (1)

Knack 2 Review – A Knack For Improvement (PS4)

The studio has a knack for fun.

dont knock twice review (5)

Don’t Knock Twice Review – Don’t Play Twice (PSVR/PS4)

You might not even want to knock once.

Absolver Battle

Absolver Review — Faceless Men (PS4)

You’ll never lose face here.

Utawarerumono Mask of Truth review

Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth Review – Not for the Uninitiated (PS4)

Hope you like reading!

ARK Survival Evolved PS4 review

Ark: Survival Evolved Review – Get out What You Put In (PS4)

Get ready for a timesink if you expect to get anywhere substantial!

Dead Alliance Review PS4

Dead Alliance Review – Chaotic Crowd Control (PS4)

What was dead is now live again… for now.

Obduction PS4 review 2

Obduction Review – Mystified (PS4)

Classic Cyan design.

sparc review

Sparc Review — Virtual Sports, Real Sweat (PSVR)

You’ll work up a real sweat playing this virtual sport.

Songbringer Review 1

Songbringer Review — Sci-Fi Psychedelic Zelda (PS4)

A bit of Zelda with a bit of a twist.

everybodys golf review 1 (12)

Everybody’s Golf Review – Golf for Everyone (PS4)

Hole in one!


Windjammers Review — Return of the King (PS4)

Jammin’ throughout history.