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Rabi-Ribi review

Rabi-Ribi Review – Adora-bullet Hell (PS4)

If this is hell, it’s awfully moe.


Warriors All-Stars Review – Unfamiliar Faces, Familiar Places (PS4)

Hacking and slashing with a new motley crew.

resident evil revelations ps4 review

Resident Evil Revelations Review — Diminishing Returns (PS4)

Guess who’s back. Back again.

undertale ps4 review

Undertale Review — Dapper Blook (PS4)

Flexing contest? Ok, flex more ; )

Rock of Ages 2 Review 2

Rock of Ages II: Bigger & Boulder Review – Art History (PS4)

Travel through classic works of art.

f1 2017 update 1.08

F1 2017 Review — Rev Your Engines (PS4)

A great career mode helps Codemasters’ latest.


ChromaGun Review – In Living Color (PS4)

I feel like I’ve been here before…

Thimbleweed Park ps4 review 1

Thimbleweed Park Review – More Than a Mansion of Maniacs (PS4)

Classic graphic adventure game styling.


White Day: A Labyrinth Named School Review – A Class to Die For (PS4)

As if school starting up again isn’t scary enough!


Yakuza Kiwami Review — Back to Kamurocho (PS4)

Kiwami tells the tale of Kiryu’s rise to becoming a DILF.


Observer Review — Blade Runner 2084 (PS4)

This horror game isn’t scary.


Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma Review — Saying Goodbye (PS4)

The final chapter of one of gaming’s greatest trilogies arrives on PS4.

uncharted lost legacy review

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review – Who Needs Nate? (PS4)

Chloe isn’t one to rest on her laurels!

August 2017 NPD

Madden NFL 18 Review — Defining Legacy (PS4)

This year’s installment is a winner.

Madden Longshot review

Madden NFL 18 Longshot Review — Cruise Missile (PS4)

It’s a surprisingly heartfelt journey.

Nidhogg 2 review

Nidhogg 2 Review – Running Towards Death (PS4)

New art style, same problems.

Mantis psvr headphones review 1

Mantis PSVR Headphones Hardware Review – Virtual Convenience

Audio solution always on hand.

Cities Skylines review

Cities: Skylines Review – A Steep Learning Curve (PS4)

Stepping in after SimCity took a turn for the SimSh*tty.