Best Casual Game of 2016

Best of 2016 Awards – Best Casual Game

Casuals represent!


The Little Acre Interview – Style, Setting, and Development

We recently had a chance to talk with Pewter Games Studios Co-founderRead the full article…


10 Disappointments From Sony’s PSX 2016 Showcase

The show was good, but not great.


PlayStation Releases and PSN Store Must Buys for December 6-December 12, 2016

The Last Guardian finally graces PS4.

Top 5 PlayStation Experience 2016 Moments Featured

Top 5 Best PlayStation Experience 2016 Moments

With the third PlayStation Experience coming to a close over the weekend,Read the full article…


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What did you think of it?


PS4 Stealth Games – Buyer’s Guide

Don’t let good games sneak past you.

The Last Guardian 02 555x328

The Last Guardian Review – A Triumph in Trico (PS4)

It’s been seven long years.


PlayStation Experience 2016 Press Conference Livestream – Prepare for Megatons

Megatons await!


The Last Guardian – Everything You Need to Know

Trico has finally awoken — and not a moment too soon.


Now Loading…PlayStation Experience 2016 Predictions

Gaze into our crystal balls…

Everything Wrong With PS4 Pro Featured

Everything Wrong With PS4 Pro

Going Pro isn’t easy.


The Best PS4 Couch Co-Op Games You Can Play Right Now

Games are better with friends on the same couch.

Final Fantasy XV Review

Final Fantasy XV Review – East Meets West (PS4)

I want to ride my chocobo all dayyyyyy…

video game deaths

Death and Video Games: How Watch Dogs 2 Bungled Its Biggest Moment

Why do video games handle death so poorly?


PlayStation Releases and PSN Store Must Buys for November 29-December 5, 2016

From the lush plains of Lucis to the lofty heights of the Alps, it’s a fairly big week.

Top 5 No Man's Sky New Features Header

Top 5 No Man’s Sky New Features in the Foundation Update

Go try ’em!


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Can’t be true, but it is!


Final Fantasy XV – Everything You Need to Know

Please be excited.