Android Playstation Mobile Featured

How to Install PlayStation Mobile on any Android Device

Not “PlayStation Certified”? no problem!


PlayStation Mobile Now Live on Vita and Select Mobiles, Here’s How to Get it

The Vita just got a bunch more games.


30 Minutes With Sony’s Virtual Reality Headset, Prototype-SR

An unforgettable one-time experience, but certainly still a prototype.

Ps3 size compare featured

Super-Slim PS3 Size Compared in Pictures to Previous PlayStation 3’s

Did the PS3 lose a lot of weight, or just get a new hair cut?


SCE Patent Plans to Track Your DNA, Fingerprints, Voice Pattern, Iris, Face

Oh. My. God.


NASA Scientist Thinks We’re All NPCs in The PlayStation 7

Wait, what?


Sony Revealing New Virtual Reality Head Mount at TGS

You will witness the immersive future of vague immersive entertainment.


Daily Reaction: Will Nintendo’s Wii U be a Success?

Wii’ll see.


PS Mobile, Gaikai Supporting Gaming Tablet Wikipad to Launch at $499, Coming This October

Cue Vita comparisons.


Sony Details 84-Inch 4K Television, Release and Price Confirmed

It can be yours for just $25,000!


Sony Finally Announces Larger SimulView Screen: 84 Inches of 4K Glory

Break open the piggie bank.


Sony Mobile Workforce Cut By 1,000, Headquarters Shifted to Tokyo

“Still a core business”.


Breaking Reaction: What if Microsoft Bought OnLive?

Is this what the Mayan’s were predicting?


Kojima to Showcase the Fox Engine Tech Powering MGS5 Next Month

August can’t come soon enough!


Bogus Gran Turismo Android Game Racks Up 100,000 Downloads In a Day

With very few restrictions on the Google Play store, and no approvalRead the full article…


Platform Holders Push Second Screens at E3 2012, Pointlessly Augmenting Games

All the big E3 press conferences are now over and, besides aRead the full article…

PS2 Slim Feature

Rumor: Sony Cloud Deal Will Make PS3 Backwards Compatible, Stream PS2/PS1 games

With rumors that Sony is planning to buy a cloud gaming companyRead the full article…

psn live

Why Buying A Cloud Gaming Company Could Be The Smartest Move Sony Has Made This Generation

It’s no secret that Sony is in a bad way, hemorrhaging moreRead the full article…


Carmack Talks Next-Gen, “There Will Still be a lot of 30 Hz Games”

John Carmack, the famed developer from id Software recently offered up hisRead the full article…

Feature-David Cage

Quantic Dream’s David Cage “Not That Interested in Technology or the Next Generation of Consoles”

Heavy Rain creator David Cage recently shared his thoughts on the futureRead the full article…