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Far Cry 4 Japan’s Best-Selling Game; PS4 Finally Outsells Vita

PS3 version + PS4 version = best seller.


Exclusive Envy – The Halo Franchise

Here’s why we want Halo on PlayStation platforms.


The PlayBox Combines PS4 and Xbox One on a Single Machine

I want that.

Michael Pachter

Pachter, Other Analysts Predict Xbox One and PS4 Numbers for 2015

Will Xbox One or PS4 lead in 2015?

ps4 China Xbox One

Report: PS4 and PS Vita to be Region Free in China, Xbox One Remains Locked

Will the Xbox One unlock?

ps4 vs xbox one

PS4 Expected to Marginally Outsell Xbox One in 2015 in the UK

What do you think?


Versus – PS4 vs. Xbox One Exclusive Games, Who Has the Better Lineup?

It’s Versus time once again! Watch the latest episode now!

Xbox One vs PS4

November 2014 NPD: Xbox One Defeats PS4, Call of Duty is #1 (Update)

The streak is snapped.

PS4 vs Xbox One Sales

PS4 and Xbox One Sold Well During UK’s Black Friday Week, Xbox Catching Up to PS4

Who will win the sales race?


Phil Spencer, Major Nelson Congratulates PlayStation for Its 20th Anniversary

Nice gesture, yes?

PS4 Xbox One India

Report: PS4 Outselling Xbox One in India, But Both Consoles Selling Poorly

Wow, what a difference.

ps4 China Xbox One

Report: PS4 Expected to Cost $113 Less Than the Xbox One in China

Big difference!


Versus – PS4 vs. Xbox One: One Year After, Who’s Winning?

The PS4 and Xbox One’s report cards are in for the first year, and here’s what we think.

PS4 vs Xbox One Sales

One Million Xbox One Consoles Sold in the UK, Still Behind PS4 Sales

Watch out, PS4

Xbox One vs PS4

Xbox One Sales are “Catching Up Quickly” to PS4 Sales, Says EA CFO

Going to be a close race.

Wii U PS4 Xbox One

Nintendo of America President Says Wii U is a Better Value Than PS4, Xbox One

Is it, though?


GTA Online Characters & Progression Transfer to PS4, Xbox One Detailed (Update)

You’ll need a Rockstar Games Social Club account.


Reggie of Nintendo Asks: “What’s the Difference” Between PS4 & Xbox One?

“I’d much rather be where Nintendo is.”