You Don’t Need Wheels in Latest From Split/Second and Burnout Creators, RGX Showdown

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The PlayStation Store Sales This Week: Pub Party Sale and Warner Bros. Sale

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PlayStation Store Global Update – September 18, 2018

Come see what’s new in the PlayStation Store

Blue Goku Confirmed as a Jump Force Transformation

Luckily, for now, Jump Force still only has a single Goku.

Capcom Has Shut Down Its Vancouver Studio

Unfortunate news today at Capcom.

DICE Isn’t Currently Planning a Second Beta for Battlefield V

Whether or not Firestorm will receive a beta remains unclear.

Sega Is Attempting to Make Puyo Puyo an Esports Staple

Puyo Puyo: the newest face of esports.

Get Some Explosive Sounds When You Preorder Super Bomberman R Vinyl

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Take a Look at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Tomb of Orpheus

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Final Fantasy XIV Prelude in Violet Update Is Live

Final Fantasy XIV, you’re turning violet!

Get Hints and Bizarre Jokes From Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Alexa Skill

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N1RV Ann-A Will Serve Up Cyberpunk Drinks in 2020

Serve up different story lines.

The WWE 2K19 Soundtrack Was Hand-Picked by Wrestling Superstars

Expect me to put “Ric Flair Drip” on repeat all day.

Let’s Discuss Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man

The friendly, neighborhood Miles Morales is in the game, so let’s talk about his role.

Resonance of Fate Is Indeed Being Remastered

What a surprise!

PlayStation Fans Rejoice, Sony Shares Its Full TGS 2018 Lineup

Sony is stepping up for TGS 2018.

S.O.N’s Latest Teaser Trailer Is Eerie in All the Right Ways

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Capcom Expecting to Lose $40 Million, Isn’t Changing Financial Projections

Monster Hunter: World may save the day.

Ball Up This October With NBA 2K Playgrounds 2

I got next.

Sunsoft Brings Dark Eclipse to PSVR This Month

Wow, it’s Sunsoft!