video game movies

Five Live-Action Video Game Short Films We’d Pay to See

What other PlayStation titles deserve the Uncharted treatment?

From Fun to F@*% This Game: When a Game No Longer Makes You Happy

When your stress relief becomes part of your stress…

PlayStation lifestyle dsicord PSLS Discord

Join the PlayStation LifeStyle Community on the PSLS Discord Server

Interact with other PSLS readers and staff.

Next generation Xbox PlayStation 5

New Xbox Hardware is Rumored for gamescom, But is Next Gen Now?

Next gen won’t be revealed at a trade show.

games everyone loves but you hate

Now Loading: The Hyped Game or Series You Can’t Stand

We apologize in advance for Annette

overwatch loot boxes

5 Ways Overwatch Loot Boxes Need to Change to Stay Relevant

It’s hard to look at Overwatch’s loot boxes favorably in today’s gaming industry.

Rockit Gaming

Rockit Gaming Interview: The Masters Behind the tinyBuild Musical

Some of these rock songs will have you rolling with laughter.

best ps4 games

The PS4’s Biggest Ever Releases…So Far

Celebrating the crème de la crème.

KontrolFreek Battle Royale

Last Thumb Standing: How Battle Royale Gave KontrolFreek its Biggest Day Ever

More than just thumbstick covers.

Best PS4 indie games and Studios 1

Best PS4 Indie Games and Studios – Happy Independence Day

Di your favorites make the list?

Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk trophy guide

Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk Endings and Trophy Guide (Spoiler Free)

Platinum trophy procurement pronto.

Ni no Kuni 2 DLC

The Curious Case of Ni no Kuni 2’s Missing DLC

What was that Season Pass for, again?

PS4 cross play 3

Sony’s Cross-Play Stance Makes No Sense – Why Embracing PS4 Cross-Play Makes Everyone Win

Gamers, developers, and even Sony themselves would see benefits in allowing for cross-play.

Dying Light 2’s Praise is Long Overdue

It’s about time!

best of e3 2018

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Best of E3 2018 Awards

It was another great year for games.

console mmo games

Top 9 Games, Movies, & More We Need As a Console MMO

The Sorting hat is ready for these MMOs

E3 no shows 2018

The E3 2018 No Shows: Where Were These Games?

These games belong on a milk carton with an 800 number.

Spider Man PS4 villain

Who is Spider-Man’s Mystery Villain?

“Wait! You?”

Death Stranding E3 2018

Four Trailers In, and Death Stranding is Still Every Bit as Mysterious

“A cryptobyte a day keeps the Timefall away.”

The Top E3 2018 Press Conference Announcements of Nothing

The Top E3 2018 Press Conference Announcements of Nothing

Almost worse than vaguebooking. Almost.