Marvels Spider-Man Easter Eggs

Here Are a Few Easter Eggs in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Technically spiders lay eggs. That’s a convenient analogy for us, since Marvel’s Spider-Man is covered in eggs. Easter Eggs. Actually, this analogy isn’t going anywhere.

Saiyuki Journey West PSone

The PlayStation Classics: Saiyuki: Journey West

Go have some fun with Goku.

Marvel's Spider-Man Swinging

Here’s How Web Swinging Works in Marvel’s Spider-Man

All right, we know web swinging is in the game, but how does it work? Let me break that down for you.

The Importance of Dark Souls Memes

Dark Souls memes are IMPORTANT!

Marvel's Spider-Man Characters

The Side Characters Steal the Show in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man has learned a thing or two from other Spidey stories. That discovery pays off dividends.


Marvel’s Spider-Man – Everything You Need to Know

The Wall-Crawler makes a triumphant return.

Dragon Quest Monsters featured

Dragon Quest Monsters: How the World of Dragon Quest XI is More Alive than Ever

From slimes to actual dragons, there’s a lot of history, craft, and ambition to these creepy-crawlies.

Strange Brigade Co-op

How Strange Brigade Stands Out from the Co-Op Crowd

We talked to the devs to find out what sets this 1930s adventure apart.

dragon quest 11 tips

10 Dragon Quest XI Tips for Aspiring Adventurers

Don’t forget to flip the cover art if you get a physical copy.

Real Screenshot or Fake Episode 2: Nosey Nose

The nose knows!

Dragon Quest 11 info

Dragon Quest XI – Everything You Need to Know

Echoes of an Elusive Age.

PlayStation Classics The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga

The PlayStation Classics: The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga

It’s good to be the king.

Naruto to Boruto info

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker – Everything You Need to Know

The gloves are off.

NieR Automata retro gaming

NieR: Automata: An Homage to Retro Gaming

Ever been hung up on a trophy you can’t pop? Not to worry; that’s not what games are about anyway.

gaming Disorder video games mental health

I Won’t Acknowledge Gaming Disorder – How Video Games Saved My Mental Health

The WHO’s classification should be a broader addiction issue.

Fallout 76 multiplayer

Fallout 76 Makes More Sense Than Any Other Fallout Game

No need for a falling out with Bethesda over this game decision.

Overwatch Season 12 tips

5 Ways to Gain SR in Overwatch Season 12

5 simple tips guaranteed to help you reach top 500 in Overwatch season 12.

PlayStation Real or Fake Screenshot Limo Driver

Real Screenshot or Fake Episode 1: Limo Driver

Place your bets!

persona 5 lingo

Persona 5 and Its Lingo Has Rubbed off on My Friends

“Looking cool, Joker!”

Hideo Kojima birthday

The Importance of Hideo Kojima

Kojima’s birthday sneaked up on us.