Project CARS 2 demo

Project CARS 2 Gamescom 2017 Booth Detailed, Watch New Trailer

There’ll be plenty of giveaways during the event.

Check Out Monster Hunter: World’s Wildspire Waste Area

New monsters revealed!

Dragon Ball FighterZ beta

Dragon Ball FighterZ First Tournament Takes Place at Gamescom 2017

It’ll be livestreamed too!

Gamescom Expecting Record-Breaking Year With Estimated Growth of 20%

Runs from August 22 to 26.

EA & Microsoft Will Be Hosting Live Shows at gamescom 2017

EA’s show will have “a few surprises.”

Shenmue III Gamescom Presence Confirmed, However It Will Be Limited to the Business Area

Media and business attendees only!

Shenmue 3

Shenmue III Footage Will Be Shown at Gamescom 2017

Plus view the game’s new logo!

Final Fantasy XV Update 1.18

Final Fantasy XV Announcements Coming at Gamescom 2017

Square Enix held back information at E3.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Open gamescom 2017

The world’s largest video gaming event starts in exactly two months.

NieR Automata length

NieR: Automata Will Last Longer Than 25 Hours

Not bad for an action-RPG.

PlayStation 4 Neo

EA Exec Says the Upgradable Approach With PlayStation 4 Neo Lets Them Bring More to the Players

EA has spirit for the PS4 Neo, yes they do. They have spirit, how about you?

Watch How Players Can Eliminate Enemies in New Dishonored 2 Gameplay Video

Rip ’em apart limb from limb.

Here’s Some More Action From Bethesda’s Prey

Check out the Gloo Cannon and Mimic power.

psvr features

PlayStation VR’s Launch is Going to be “Big,” Says Sony

Ryan also talks about AAA and indies.

Peter Moore video game press conferences

EA’s Peter Moore Doesn’t Think There Will Be Video Game Press Conferences Much Longer

It’s going that direction, that’s for sure.

Tekken 7 Lee Chaolan

Lee Chaolan Returns to Tekken 7

A new challenger has entered the tournament…

Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer

Ubisoft Reveals Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Modes at Gamescom

Better with friends?

Destiny Private Matches

Destiny: Rise of Iron Will Bring Private Matches, Clans, More

Two years too late or better late than never?

Overwatch Eichenwalde map

New Overwatch Eichenwalde Map Revealed at Gamescom

Are you over Overwatch? Maybe a new map will reel you in.

Sony’s Decision to Skip Gamescom 2016 Benefits All Involved

Japanese giant will skip Cologne showcase for second year on the trot.