Top 5 Battlefield 1 Alpha

Top 5 Things to Do in the Battlefield 1 Alpha

Full-on action!

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Battlefield 1 FOV Slider on Consoles, No Longer Limited to 70 Degrees Horizontal

See more to shoot at!

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New Gameplay Videos Show off the Battlefield 1 Alpha on PS4

The NDA has lifted.

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Battlefield 1 Alpha Video Blowout Part 2, See the Domination Mode in Action

Dominating in Domination!


Report: New Battlefield 1 Details Leaked From Closed Alpha

Caution: spoilers within…


DICE Battlefield 1 Interview – Being Authentic, Maintaining Game Balance

How will it all work in such a different setting?

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Game Critics Awards Best of E3 2016 Nominations Led by Battlefield 1, Horizon Zero Dawn

God of War and Death Stranding are ineligible.

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Battlefield 1 Authenticity Is Important but Gameplay Comes First According to DICE

“At the end of the day, you know, it’s a game.”

Battlefield 1 Alpha Video Blowout

Tanks, air vehicles, sniping and more!

Battlefield 1: DICE Wants Players to Change Their Play Style for Dynamic Weather

” Snipers that have really long engagement ranges, when the fog rolls in, they can’t be that effective anymore.”


DICE: Battlefield 1 Airplanes Can Be Damaged by Regular Rounds

It won’t do a ton of damage though.

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E3 2016 – Battlefield 1 Hands-On Preview – Multifaceted War

A return to form, in the battlegrounds of the past.

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Battlefield 1 French Forces to Be Paid DLC

Prepare to pay.