Uncharted 4, Dishonored 2 Among 15th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards Nominees

Titanfall 2, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare also among nominees.


Leak Reveals For Honor Season Pass Details

Here’s what you’ll get.


For Honor Closed Beta Runs From January 26 to 29

New cinematic trailer unleashed.


GameStop’s For Honor Collector’s Edition Is $220, Includes a 14″ Statue

Also comes with the For Honor Gold Edition.


For Honor Alpha Tester Highlights Issues With the Game’s P2P Matchmaking

He broke NDA to speak out.


Ubisoft to Offer all For Honor DLC Maps and Modes for Free

But there will be micro-transactions and a Season Pass.


For Honor Closed Beta Begins in January 2017, New Story Trailer Revealed

Plus: Learn all about War of the Factions and Faction War.

For Honor Gameplay

For Honor Preview – Going Medieval (PS4)

Watch LOTS of gameplay footage of hacking, slashing and killing!

For Honor 02 555x328

For Honor “Is an Always Online Experience,” Ubisoft Confirms

An internet connection is required at ALL times.

For Honor Gameplay

For Honor’s Box Art Suggests It Requires a Persistent Internet Connection

…despite Ubisoft previously saying otherwise.

For Honor Gameplay

For Honor No Longer Supports Split-Screen Play

Axed for a good reason.

For Honor Closed Alpha

For Honor Alpha Recap: Ubisoft Pinpoints Areas in Need of Fine-Tuning

Average playtime was four hours and 38 minutes.

For Honor Gameplay

For Honor’s Campaign is a “Full Experience,” Will Satisfy Those Who Don’t Want to Play Online

You’ll play through three different regions.

For Honor 01 555x328

For Honor Closed Alpha Was Ubisoft’s Biggest Ever, Beta Demand at a Record High

Nearly 90 million warriors were defeated during the alpha.