Warner Bros. Hits the Scene as the New Hitman Publisher

Not all cool guys have long hair.

hitman spring pack

Hitman Spring Pack Out Today, Giving Players Free Access to Sapienza

Visit Sapienza now!

video game movies

Video Games Shouldn’t Be Movies. They Should Be Books

Learn how MGS2’s novel enhances the story.

hitman game of the year edition

IO Interactive Announce Hitman – Game of the Year Edition Sale

A huge discount!

Hitman Paris Free

Hitman Paris Episode Free for a Limited Time as Part of the Hitman Holiday Pack

It’s a gift to fans.

Square Enix Hitman

Square Enix CEO Talks Hitman, Why IO Interactive Has the IP

“I believe it wouldn’t be Hitman unless it was Hitman made by IO.”

hitman tv series

Elusive Targets Make a Return to Hitman Starting Today

Get to hunting!

hitman tv series

Hitman TV Series from the Creator of John Wick in the Works

This will be a Hulu series.

Square Enix Hitman

IO Interactive CEO Details Reasoning for Buyout, Speaks on Being Independent in New Interview

Studio is ready for independent challenge.

Hitman Update 1.30

Hitman Update 1.30 Brings Game of the Year Content & More

New campaign and more!

hitman game of the year edition

Io Interactive Gives Update on Hitman Season Two, Says Game is Progressing

They’re progressing on the game!

hitman game of the year edition

Hitman Game of the Year Edition Announced, Releasing Next Month

New campaign, contracts, and much more!

Square Enix Hitman

Hitman Season 2 News Not Coming, but New Contracts Dropping this Month

New content out this month!

Hitman Update 1.12 Is 550MB on PS4, Final Elusive Target Goes Live Tomorrow

Can you take down Mr. Giggles?