video game movies

Five Live-Action Video Game Short Films We’d Pay to See

What other PlayStation titles deserve the Uncharted treatment?

Guerrilla Games

Former Eidos Montreal Employee Joins Guerrilla Games

A new challenger approaches Guerrilla Games.

horizon zero dawn aloy

Horizon Zero Dawn: Guerrilla Executive on How Aloy Changed Throughout Development

Making Aloy unique changed the course of the game’s narrative.

best ps4 games

The PS4’s Biggest Ever Releases…So Far

Celebrating the crème de la crème.

Import Game Deals

Horizon Zero Dawn, Dark Souls III, and More on Sale at Play-Asia

Time to get your import on!

PSN Game Sales include Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Base Game and The Frozen Wilds for $20

Sold, damn it, sold!

lego kratos

These Custom LEGO Kratos and Aloy Figures are Proof That Everything is Awesome

Kratos is a stud.

Horizon Zero Dawn Best Buy Offer has a low price

Horizon Zero Dawn Now Priced $9.99 at Best Buy

It’s so good, I’d buy the damn thing again!

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is Looming Ahead, And We Are Ready

RUMOR: Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Looming Ahead, Guerrilla Hiring

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 at the E3 2018? Maybe…

Adam Boyes

Sony E3 2015 Could Have Been Even Better!

Legen–wait for it–dary!

import game deals

The Weekly Import Special – March 28

Some solid deals to be had here.

bafta game awards

Hellblade, Horizon Zero Dawn, and What Remains of Edith Finch Lead BAFTA Awards Nominations

9, 8, and 7 nominations, respectively.

Horizon Zero Dawn one year anniversary

Kojima, Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, More Celebrate Horizon Zero Dawn’s One Year Anniversary

Praise of the games technical systems and cultural impact.

Watchers Were the Most Abused, Bow Was Most Used, and Other Year One Horizon Zero Dawn Stats

The Sawtooth was the most deadly machine.