Best of 2016 Games Giveaway

Best of 2016 Games Giveaway!

Two 1st runner-ups, too!


GameStop Reports “Disappointing” Holiday Period, Says Infinite Warfare Suffered From Weak Sales

Titanfall 2 sales were also weak.


Next Free Titanfall 2 DLC Drop Includes New 6v6 Mode, New Maps

More Titanfall map remasters on the way.


Uncharted 4, Dishonored 2 Among 15th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards Nominees

Titanfall 2, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare also among nominees.


2016 Was the Best Year Ever for First-Person Shooters

Reflect on a landmark year.


Are Sequels, Publishers Or a Crowded Calendar to Blame for 2016’s Video Game Disappointments?

Plus, is ‘sequelitis’ really the correct diagnosis?


Titanfall 2 Double XP Happening Now and Over Christmas

Double the merits!


Titanfall 2 Double XP Event Happening This Coming Weekend

Unlock gears faster.


Titanfall 2 Stats Shown in Infograph, Over 114 Million Titans Dropped & More

Expected results.


Titanfall 2 Free Multiplayer Trial Weekend Is Live on PS4

It looks to be a big download.


October 2016 Digital Sales Report: Battlefield 1 Debuted in 1st, Titanfall 2 Grossed $18 Million

Battlefield 1 grossed $110 million.

Titanfall 2 555x328 10

Titanfall 2 Free Multiplayer Weekend Starts on December 2 for PS4

Angel City gameplay trailer shows off the new map coming this week.


First Free Titanfall 2 DLC Drop Arrives on November 30

New map, in-game store, new kits, and more on the way!


Titanfall 2 “Encore” Trailer Boasts the Game’s Accolades

Yep, those are high scores.