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Death and Video Games: How Watch Dogs 2 Bungled Its Biggest Moment

Why do video games handle death so poorly?

Watch Dogs 2 Marcus Holloway

Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.06 Today on PS4 Brings Crash Fixes, Improved Multiplayer App Reliability

They’re aware of performance drops when playing online.

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Ubisoft Says Week-One Sales Aren’t “Critical” But Still “Very Important”

Ubisoft also launches 30 days of giveaways today.

Watch Dogs 2 Marcus Holloway

Watch Dogs 2 Seamless Multiplayer Phase Two Now Online, Activates Bounty Hunts & More

Neutral Encounters will come online later.

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Watch Dogs 2 Mission Replayability Coming in Future Patch

Soon you’ll be able to rob rich pharmaceutical execs as often as you want.

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Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.05 Today Turns Seamless Multiplayer Back On

But it’s limited right now.


Watch Dogs 2: Despite Slow Start, Ubisoft Confident It Will Have Millions of Players

Ubisoft expects Watch Dogs 2 to have a long “tail.”

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UK Sales Chart: Watch Dogs 2 Opens in 2nd, Infinite Warfare Still #1

Assassin’s Creed debuts in 10th.


Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.04 Today Addresses PS4 Pro Issues, Explicit NPC Model

But seamless multiplayer is still offline.


Watch Dogs 2’s Seamless Multiplayer Could Be Back Online “As Soon as This Weekend”

“It’s just the nature of game development.”


Ubisoft Games Will Focus Less on Traditional Storytelling Going Forward

Ubisoft creative director Serge Hasco√ęt wants everyone to enjoy games.


PlayStation Releases and PSN Store Must Buys for November 15-November 21, 2016

A big week for Ubisoft what with Eagle Flight, Steep’s open beta, Watch Dogs 2 and The Ezio Collection.

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Performance Issues Rear Their Head on PS4 Pro Version of Watch Dogs 2

Select add-on content not included in game’s Season Pass.

Watch Dogs 2 Marcus Holloway

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 Teaser Is for a Sci-Fi Game Called Pioneer

But it seems the new IP has already encountered problems.